Nipmuc Senior Leigh Hamlet Receives Superintendents’ Association Scholar Award


Leigh Hamlet with Superintendent  Joseph Maruszczak and Principal John Clements

Nipmuc Senior Leigh Hamlet was recognized last week for her scholarly achievements at the Worcester County Superintendent Association’s Scholar Luncheon for being  a recipient of the 2014 Worcester County Superintendents’ Association Scholar Award.

“Leigh is an incredibly talented student who I know will make a difference in the world.  I am impressed with her academic ability, but even more so with her passion to improve the environment.  We are so proud of her many achievements,” said Superintendent of the Mendon Upton School District, Dr. Joseph Maruszczak.

Leigh received high honors for each term of her high school career and has distinguished herself through her commitment to environmental science. Leigh was recognized last year as a “New England Patriots Difference Maker” when she received an award for her work with the non-profit organization Green Schools promoting environmental awareness and education.

“Leigh has continually shown her tremendous intellect, work ethic, and dedication to learning,” said Nipmuc Regional High School Principal John Clements. “Nipmuc is so fortunate to have students like Leigh. We’re proud to honor her,” said Clements.

Camille Hamlet, Leigh’s mom, thanked Dr. Maruszczak and Mr. Clements for their dedication. “Thank you Dr. Maruszczak & Mr. Clements for providing our towns with an outstanding high school!”

Leigh’s plans for college are to major in Environmental Science.

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