Phil DeZutter Announces Re-Election Campaign For School Committee

lettersDear Upton Voters,

I am excited to announce my campaign for re-election as the Upton representative for the Mendon-Upton Regional School Committee.  I have lived in Upton for the past 17 years with my wife, Julie and our two children, Dan and Caroline.  Through our time in Upton, we have been very involved in both our town and schools in many different capacities.  Over the last 5 years I have had the privilege of serving the voters of Upton on this essential board, helping to make education a priority.

During my tenure, I have worked with the committee and the Superintendent to:

  • Bring tighter fiscal management to the district budget, collaborating with town government to allocate limited resources in a way that benefits all citizens
  • Improve communication and outreach to the community
  • Bring greater transparency to the school budgeting process
  • Reset the strategic direction of our school system, enabling improved student performance
  • Further the focus on 21st century learning skills, including STEM and the Humanities, to improve the preparedness of every student for college and the workforce
  • Implement longer term capital expense and budget planning

As we continue to move our district forward, I believe there is a great deal more I can contribute.  My professional experience, combined with my experience navigating the unique challenges of school district budgeting, enables me to bring a global and financial perspective to the operational aspects of our schools.   I respectfully ask for your vote and if re-elected, I will remain a strong advocate for our schools.   I will work to maintain the positive momentum of the past 5 years in a fiscally responsible way for both our children and the taxpayers in the Town of Upton.


Phil De Zutter

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