Letter: BOS Should Commission a Committee to Review Town Managers Act

lettersDear Editor,

I support the Board of Selectmen’s (BOS) decision to move forward as scheduled with the consultant firm MRI to assist the town in hiring the next Town Manager/Procurement Officer. I agree with the BOS that it is in the best interest of Upton to hire a full-time town manager sooner than later.

I was not aware of the citizen’s petition regarding the Town Managers Act until it was discussed at the March 7 selectmen’s meeting. However, I do understand the petitioner’s frustration. Upton residents and town employees expressed repeated concerns regarding the behavior and conduct of the town manager. They were dismissed by the previous board that included current selectmen Robert Fleming and James Brochu.

Mr. Fleming was also a member of the board that originally voted to hire the former town manager.

My own interaction with the town manager led me to have questions and take issue with that same board. I too was discounted and experienced the boards unbending posture to defend the town manager. That BOS display of contempt to taxpayers by extending Town Manger Robinson a three-year contract extension without any public discussion was inappropriate and unacceptable.

For Selectman Fleming to display indignation over being questioned about his lack of transparency is disingenuous and insulting. Prior actions give credence to the people’s questioning.

In defense of the BOS that includes new member Gary Daugherty, the current process to review and select the next town manager significantly reduces the potential of the BOS being partisan.

I recommend that the BOS commission a committee to review the Town Managers Act. I suggest that this committee act independently to the ongoing search for a new Town Manager. This commission should operate simultaneously and have no authority to impact the time line established to hire a Town Manager. Such an approach allows for an unimpeded search and gives engaged citizens a seat at the table to review and recommend amendments to the Town Managers Act.

William D. Montenegro



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