Making History in Upton – A Parking Lot Primarily For People With Mobility Impairment

Have you seen the sign located on Cider Mill Lane leading to the new parking lot?  Wow, it’s a mouthful. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a parking lot just for people with mobility impairment.

One resident wrote in wondering if Upton was making history, “Is this the only place in the United States with a Parking Lot Primarily for this purpose?”

The lot is gravel and open all. You don’t need a sticker to park in it, there won’t be anyone monitoring who is “impaired” and who is not.

Is it feasible for a person with a mobility impairment to walk through a gravel parking lot?

The craziest part, handicap parking is not located in this new lot designed for people with a “mobility impairment”. Rather one needs to drive through the Kiwanis Beach lot and take the single lane road up to the field where there are two handicap designated parking spots.

How is the town going to enforce that only people with “mobility impairment” get the spaces in this lot first?  Who is going to stop fit young parents from parking there?

I want to believe this lot was created out of kindness to help those who have mobility issues get to the field but I’m just not buying it. Maybe I’m just being cynical. In my opinion for this lot to be created for people with a mobility issue it would need to be paved and the majority of spaces would be handicap designated.

I’ll close with a comment from a reader.
“The American’s with Disabilities Act written in 1990, just celebrated the 25th Anniversary. George W. Bush, wrote this into Congress. I don’t think this is what he meant. The new term used for persons with disabilities: “ Mobility Impaired“. 


Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.35.52 PM

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  1. Debra Amorelli says:

    Wow….this is a surprise to me and disappointing. The purpose of this area was to help mobility impaired people have the opportunity to see their kids/grandkids play a sport. I suggest you give the Recreation Commission an opportunity to respond before publishing this type of article.

    • Scott Ricker says:

      The Recreation Dept. Has had ample time during the process of allocating funds for Kiwanis Beach improvements and now has significant corrections to make to meet required MA AAB code for access per 521CMR

  2. Scott Ricker says:

    there is a safety issue here. The walkway/ramp from the upper lot to the soccer field does not have railings and it is also excessive slope/more than 5% which requires railings per 521CMR chapter 20.9 & 24.2.1

    • Scott Ricker says:

      ….the walkway/ramp was not built to code and therefor is in violation of such

      • Scott Ricker says:

        please remember, what you see isn’t what a true disability always is, assuming those who “are disabled” is not for you to judge. I need and use disabled parking (HP) but appear to the average eye as fully mobil. There are different reasons those who are disabled us Accessible parking (HP) I use it because I need the access aisle to safely and fully open my car door, and on some days, I need the close proximety of the Accessible (HP) parking space as I have MS, an invisible and at times debilitating chronic illness. Please look beyond the reasons Accessible (HP) parking was 1st put into use, wheelchair users

  3. Scott Ricker says:

    I believe the intent was to provide those who are disabled an easier walk/roll/stroll to the upper soccer fields from the new upper lot instead of the long up hill trek from the lower lot. The issue really is the town allowing the two Accessible (HP) spaces to be used by opening the lower gate, signed Reli-Abilities

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