Stephen A. Matellian Announces Candidacy for Upton Board of Selectmen

Submitted by Campaign Committee to Elect Stephen Matellian for Upton Board of Selectmen


Lifelong Upton resident and local small business owner Stephen A. Matellian is pleased to announce his candidacy for the 2017 Upton Board of Selectman seat to be contested on May 1.

Matellian, who holds a degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, currently serves on the Town’s Finance and Capital Budget committees.  In addition, the Blackstone Valley Tech graduate also served as a member on the Blackstone Valley Tech Engineering Advisory Committee and was part of Upton’s initial Town Manager Search Committee.

“As a homeowner and taxpayer,” said Matellian, “I’m concerned with the recent rapid growth of the Upton tax rate.  I’d like to see greater transparency in how our town government and our municipal departments are being run so that we can better manage this growth.  We need to find that delicate balance whereby the town is providing top-of-the-line services without making Upton less affordable for its residents.”

An avowed fiscal conservative, Matellian believes his professional background combined with his experience working with Upton town finances best positions him to help the town strike that balance.

“I live here, and I work here,” he said.  “My wife Sandy and I have raised our three daughters , Andrea , Jackie, and Morgan here.  And our extended family lives here as well.  I’m committed to doing whatever I can to ensure the future well being of the Town of Upton and its citizens.”

Matellian will be holding a citizens’ informational night soon.  For details on that, to ask questions, or to volunteer to assist in the campaign, he can be reached at You may also follow his campaign news and updates on Facebook at

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