FIVE STARS for Nipmuc Drama Guild’s Production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’


Wizard of Oz lovers young and old filled Nipmuc Auditorium for four performances this past weekend. When the musical was over, those who came and watched stood and gave the cast and crew a standing ovation on a masterful performance.

The singing, dancing, and acting by all players who walked on the stage, from the lead characters to the munchkins and stage hands were deserving of the standing ovations.

Meg Paul was wonderful in the lead role of Dorothy, delivering a warm, honest and strong performance, her vocals sweet and clear.

Ian Burke-Perez was brilliant as Scarecrow,  his voice was warm and smooth and he played the character brilliantly utilizing his elastic physicality to make us believers.

Michael Evans was equally fantastic as the Cowardly Lion, his vocals convincing, strong and hilarious.

Tommy Doyle as the Tin Man gave us not only a great song but also turned in a great tap dance.

Lizzy LeBlanc offered a hilariously evil take on the Wicked Witch and Miss Gulch while Katherine Plutnicki captured the warm and beautiful Glinda the Good Witch of the North perfectly.

Marco Giannozzi played the very funny and boisterous Guard to Emerald City. Megan Agro played a strong and wise Wizard and Professor Marvel.

Toto, played by Kayma Snook, was simply adorable.

Several other players deserve mention for their outstanding performances. Bridget Clark as Aunt Em, Katie Luck as Munchkin Coroner, Sara Nasif as Munchkin Braggart, Katie Vennard as Munchkin Barrister, and Kyle Myers and Uncle Henry.  The chorus was also outstanding.

There were several large musical dance numbers which were choreographed by Junior Manny Galicki, Senior Vanessa Shepherd, and Sophomore Tina Vanslette.

The musical was accompanied by a live pit under the direction of Nipmuc’s Instrumental Music and Music Theory teacher Mr. Harding.

Take a moment to look at the cast list which can be found in the photos below. Every performer brought something special to the production.

Nipmuc Regional High School is lucky to have an extremely talented Drama Guild.


Click on any photos to enlarge and begin slide show.

Musical Director for the production Ms. Billings. Nipmuc Drama Guild Director Nipmuc AP Biology teacher, Ms. Wilson.



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