Poll: Should Recess Time Be Extended in the Mendon Upton School District

The Mendon Upton Regional School Committee will be discussing elementary school recess during the Monday, April 24 meeting.

A group of parents in the district formed “Bring Recess Back to Mendon and Upton” and hope the district will allow more time in the school day for free play.

The Boston Globe recently wrote a story covering why districts around the state are looking or have extended recess time, citing developmental benefits. Read the story. 

What do you think? Take the poll and feel free to comment!


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  1. Jess Mead says:

    I love that there is a poll so that we can see what the majority thinks. I also agree with sue that there needs to be some thought and work in terms of equipment and activities that kids can do. It makes me sad that some kids think they can only “stand around”. One of the goals that I have for the group is to create a committee. This is something hat will be presented at Monday’s meeting. If anrecess committee is formed, they will help create a schedule but may also assist with things like fundraising for equipments or brainstorming what would be helpful to the kids and teachers.

  2. I asked my children what they thought about this. Here are their responses: The Memorial contingent would love more recess time but wants there to be swings available, since there aren’t enough fun things to do, and the Miscoe contingent similarly wishes there were basketballs and footballs available, since “all we’re allowed to do during recess is stand around, because everything else is too dangerous”. I agree with them. There is such a thing as being TOO safety conscious. Let’s let the kids be kids.

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