Letter: Voters and Residents Face Major Threat to Progress


Dear Fellow Residents:

Once again it is almost time for local elections and the annual town meeting to take place. Unlike past years, voters and residents of Upton face a major threat to the progress and progressive form of government that the Town chose in 2008. A small group of individuals want to return Upton to the “good old days” as they characterize their efforts in two separate citizen petitions which are on the Town Meeting warrant. They do not believe in our professional form of government nor do they feel that we need to spend so much money on the quality services and education of our children. This group of individuals would have us believe that our form of government is not the “Upton Way”. Upton over the last seven years has enjoyed good services, revitalized its historic Town Hall, modernized its water system, developed a systematic capital improvement program to plan for the future, expanded road maintenance, improved senior services, upgraded emergency medical services to the paramedic level, and obtained grants that have covered significant costs that would otherwise be borne by taxpayers. Such professionalism has brought efficiency and effectiveness to our government and enabled the Selectmen and other boards to focus on policy and direction of the Town.

As a resident of Upton I beg you to consider carefully how you want our town to operate going forward. Please plan to vote in the upcoming election on May 1st, and above all attend Town Meeting on May 4th where decisions about expenditures determine the ultimate tax rate, and these petitions may, if passed, erode the strides Upton has made in recent years. Historically less than 500 persons decide how over 7,500 Upton residents will receive services and how our over $21 million budget is spent. Democracy lives only if we all participate and Town Meeting is where that happens in Upton.

Richard Robinson

170 North Street, Upton

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  1. Elizabeth Fournier says:

    “……nor do they feel that we need to spend so much money on the quality services and education of our children,” Mr. Robinson writes. Mr. Robinson apparently has no idea WHO the tax payers are who started this petition. We are among the most vocal, outspoken supporters of the schools and volunteer our time and talent to various school committees, boards, fundraisers, foundations, and regularly attend school committee meetings. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not shy away from asking the “hard” questions when it comes to quality services and education of our children. So, again, Mr. Robinson, your allegations are unfounded and completely off-base. Let’s just stick to the facts.

  2. Stan Coffin says:

    ‘..revitalized its historic Town Hall..’ I think you meant to say…..over-spent like a drunken sailor over $7 Million dollars……on a building that is not even close to being worth $7 Million dollars. This is EXACTLY why we need more people to come to Town Meeting…..to put an end to this madness.

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