Letter: Robinson has it wrong

lettersDear Editor,

Mr. Robinsons 4/24/17 letter to the editor directed at citizens who he claims do not believe in Upton’s form of government are injudicious. The BOS’s past decisions not to provide appropriate oversight has created public skepticism. Upton residents examining the Town Mangers Act is a function of being repeatedly dismissed by local elected officials when they questioned the town managers behavior, conduct and motives.

I do not believe it is the intention of the petitioners to change the town’s form of government. I trust that they are looking to make certain the BOS going forward provide lawful oversight and undiminished transparency. The BOS commissioning a committee to review the Town Managers Act is a positive step in maintaining public trust.

In my opinion the Town Managers Act is well written and requires little if no adjustment. What is needed is for the BOS to exert their granted authority and exercise responsible oversight as it pertains to the town manager.

William D. Montenegro                                                                                                                                                        Upton

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  1. Jim Bates Jr. says:

    The situation regarding the Town Manager position and the Review of the Act is unfortunate for our Town. Do we need a committee to review the act? I think not. If you were seeking this position would submit a resume knowing what’s going on? By the actions that are happening is the Town of Upton loosing out on an applicant that will best serve ALL the interests of our Town. We’ve hired a firm to assist the town in our search for the next Town Manager. We’ve established a search committee to work with the firm. The actions of the firm and search committee will proceed regardless of what happens at Town Meeting next week.

    Its time to move forward an not dwell on the actions of the past. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re sanding on we’re all held accountable for our actions. We need to move beyond the personal opinions and issues of the past and focus on the positives of the future while hiring our new Town Manager.

    Jim Bates Jr.

  2. SUSAN DUNPHY says:

    I hope that the team created examines the expenses of the Town Manager closely and has input on the contract that the selectmen put in place for the new manager.. Why, in a town of approximately 7500, would a Town Manager feel the need to be provided with a car? And please don’t say because everyone else does it. That is an excuse children use.

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