Letter: Robinson “misrepresents rationale behind Upton Town Manager Act”

letterRichard Robinson’s recent letter-to-the-editor misrepresents the rationale behind our efforts to conduct a review of Upton’s Town Manager’s Act.

Over 200 Upton taxpayers signed petitions that were placed on the annual town warrant. Their voices are relevant.

The intention was to provide Upton citizens with an opportunity to review the Town Manager’s Act, which was first approved in 2008.  There was no intent to remove the town manager position.  Rather, like other towns, we sought to review the Act, acknowledge what worked, and take time to “tweak” what might not have worked as well as expected.

Robinson claimed that we had characterized our efforts as a desire to return to “the good old days.”  It’s hard to tell what he means by this.  But it is not true.

Good things have occurred in Upton since 2008.  But Robinson fails to acknowledge that many residents and town employees have expressed repeated concerns related to personnel issues, transparency, and accountability since 2008.  He also fails to mention that the Town Manager over these last seven years was his wife.

Robinson asserts we are against “quality services and education of our children.”   Yet another false statement.

Our hope is that by revisions will create better checks and balances, and provide citizens with a clearer view of where their tax dollars are being spent, and by whom.

The Upton Board of Selectmen recently agreed that a Town Manager’s Act Review Committee be formed.  This was, and remains, our sole objective.

Donnamarie Floyd and Deb Lazarz



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