Upton Annual Town Election Monday May 1 – Annual Town Meeting Thursday May 4

UptonTownSeal_rev3Upton will be holding an election on Monday, May 1 and the Annual Town Meeting on Thursday, May 4.

There are two contested races taking place in the town election.

Shawn Craig, Stephen Matellian, and Brett Simas are hoping to capture your vote for the three year selectman seat. Jim Brochu, who held the seat since 2011, is not seeking re election.

Eddie Darragh is challenging incumbent Phil DeZutter for a three year school committee seat.

Find out what the candidates stand for at the  ‘Meet the Candidates’ night, hosted by the Upton Bloomer Girls, on Thursday, April 27 at Upton Town Hall  7 pm.

Here a sample ballot. 

The Annual Town Meeting is being held on Thursday, May 4 at Nipmuc in the Auditorium and will begin 7 p.m. There are 29 articles on the Warrant – two by petitioners. Below are a few highlights.

  • Article 3 (by petitioner) – To see if the Town will vote for a temporary commissions to review and rewrite the Town Manager Act
  • Article 4 (by petitioner) – To see if the Town will will authorize the BOS to petition the State to amend the Town Manager Act
  • Article 11 – To see if the town will replace 4420 feet of water main on Hartford Ave North to prepare for the TIPS project. $$$
  • Article 15 – Transfer funds from the CPA for installing five signs to designate Upton’s Historical District
  • Article 18 – Repair of Fowler Street Bridge $$$
  • Article 24 – Town is looking to purchase the building formerly known as Holy Angels. This article is for funding to determine the structural and cost estimates associated with a potential purchase. $$$
  • Article 25 – Library is looking for tables, chairs, and audio/visual equipment
  • Article 26 – Changes wording in zoning by laws for Cell Towers
  • Article 27 – Fire Department requesting purchase a replacement tanker $$$
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  1. I read “The Annual Town Meeting is being held on Thursday, May 4 at Nipmuc in the Auditorium and will begin 7 p.m.” Is this a definite? Has anyone double checked to see if it has been reserved for that night? Is it being recorded? Is so, have the acoustics been checked…Lord I hope so for the town’s people sake!!! Also “Mr. New Seat”, Steve Matellian, I and I’m sure many others put the resolution of acoustics for the $7 million Town Hall renovation in your newly appointed “qualified” hands.

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