Letter: The Gentleman from Upton


Citizens of the Town of Upton will soon have the opportunity to decide who shall represent their interests on the floor of the Selectman’s chambers. Upton resident Shawn Craig has stepped up to engage in that endeavor. Shawn Craig is well educated, served in the private sector running his own business and is an overseer in the financial compliance industry.

 He has also served his community as a member of Upton’s Finance Committee as well as the School District’s Multi Board. In addition, he is patriotic, like my father before me he has worn the uniform of the United States Marine Corps. I think I’m right when I say he is an Iraq War veteran and I am certain his opponents are not. I had the privilege to serve with him on Upton’s Finance Committee. The gentleman from Upton has my compliments.
                                                                       Robert J. Driscoll
                                                                       Venice, Fl.
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  1. Jennifer Doyle says:

    Someone is trying to post links in the comments to other news articles. Unfortunately the commenting section on Upton Daily does not allow links because I had an issue with web crawlers posting links to porn. Feel free to comment without links.

  2. For those who were unable to go to candidates night thinking they would be able to make a decision on who they would vote for on May 4th by listening to the recorded video on channel 192, were sadly mistaken because the acoustics in the Town Hall made it impossible to understand one word of what the candidates were saying. Unfortunately, the best person for the seat may lose out because absentee voters have no idea where each candidate stands on all issues. This is NOT the first time this has happened and I sincerely hope that, Dave, the moderator will step up to the plate and resolve this issue. I, for one, will NOT be voting as I have no idea what each candidate said or how they responded to the questions from the audience…SAD, SAD, SAD!!!

  3. Thank you Bob for your compliments all the way from Florida. As we go into Election Monday, I ask that each person take the time to learn where each candidate stands on the issues. Are only phrases such as “fiscally responsible” used or have they shared a vision with actionable steps to bring positive change where needed? Do they simply say we need to stop spending? If so, where? What programs and services do they plan on cutting? It would be disingenuous of me to simply say that I could lower the tax rate. That’s not a function of the BOS. The decision to fund the budget is left to you, the tax payer who comes to Town Meeting. This drives how much revenue needs to be raised and that gets divided by the assessment value of all property to give us the tax rate. Who we elect should be more than just who we went with to kindergarten. Is that how you’d hire an employee for your company or select a new board member or CEO to lead it? No. You’d want to hire the most experienced person who could explain how they’re going to carry out the duties. I hope my articles and series of videos are Please note that I have a series of videos including subjects such as “Public Safety,” “Helping Me Bring FIOS to Upton,” “Town Budget in Plain English and Why I Want to Create 5 Year Projected Financials,” “Best Working Knowledge of Budget,” and “What I Look for in a Selectman” are found helpful. All may be found at http://www.facebook.com/RShawnCraig Thank you for your consideration. I’d be honored to have your vote on Monday, May 1st.

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