Letter: We are a small town and every VOTE counts!


Tomorrow, Monday May 1, the Town of Upton has an important decision to make; who will represent their voice on the Board of Selectmen.  I can’t recall a more important contested race. Today I ask that you allow me to represent you.

Living in Upton for over 45 years, I have a great love of our community.  My concerns over the growing frustration in the community made me rethink my role in town government. As my term on the Upton Finance Committee was nearing an end, I realized I would best serve the community as a member of the Board of Selectmen. I have a great understanding of the ins and outs of town government. I am proud of the relationships I have built within the community and know I will be able to represent all voices.

Like you, I am concerned with the recent rapid growth of the Upton tax rate. From 2007 to 2017 the tax rate has risen by 66%; my property tax bill has increased by $3185. It will take a firm and steady hand to guide the Town and act as a safeguard for the Taxpayers money, and I have demonstrated the ability to say no to articles and deficit spending during my Finance Committee term. Whereby other candidates tell you what you need, I will listen to what you want.

There needs to be more fiscal responsibility among our Government leaders and I am ready to accept the challenge. Our tax base is made up of over 94 percent residential property, which puts the burden of taxation squarely on the homeowner. We need to find that delicate balance whereby the town is providing top-of-the-line services without making Upton less affordable for its residents.

I am committed to doing whatever I can to ensure the future well-being of the Town of Upton and its citizens. I am a strong supporter of both the Upton Police Department along with our Fire/EMS Department and will continue to grow and strengthen the longstanding working relationship I currently have with both departments. You will discover that I am strong supporter of our local public schools and committed to improving transparency giving citizens more access to town government.

If I haven’t had the opportunity to meet you, I encourage you to reach out to me via email at smatellian@charter.net, with any concerns or questions you may have. You may also follow my campaign news and updates on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ElectStephenMatellian/.

I would like to thank all our family, friends, and Upton citizens for their kind words, time and commitment supporting me throughout the campaign season. I want to be your next Selectmen and I am asking for your vote. Please ensure you all go out and vote on Monday, May 1 at Nipmuc HS from 7a-8p, and vote for the change we need.  Thank you!

Stephen Matellian


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  1. Stephen Matellian says:

    A heartfelt thank you to all my supporters throughout the campaign, from the sign holders, financial supporters, well-wishers and most importantly the voters! I am looking forward to serving the community as a member of the Upton Board of Selectmen. I would like to thank my running mates Shawn Craig and Brett Simas for their commitment to the community, hope you continue to support Upton in future endeavors. Once again thank you – Sincerely Stephen A Matellian

  2. Bob Driscoll says:

    Shawn craig is my choice and should be yours. He is the better candidate hands down

  3. Jennifer Doyle says:

    Someone is trying to post links in the comments to other news articles. Unfortunately the commenting section on Upton Daily does not allow links because I had an issue with web crawlers posting links to porn. Feel free to comment without links.

  4. Lauren Montenegro says:

    I am supporting Brett Simas for Selectman. Please exercise your right and vote today.

  5. Dan Lazarz says:

    Thank you Steve for stepping forward to run for the Board of Selectmen. I am casting my vote for you because I am confident that you will listen to me and all citizens to ensure all options, ideas and viewpoints are heard. In your Finance Committee service you have demonstrated you will properly question and challenge requests to ensure needs versus wants are properly vetted to seek balance. Your keen understanding of the unsustainable growth in our Tax Rate and your goal of ensuring more citizen input and dialogue by greater participation of elected and appointed Boards & Committees at Town Hall will improve checks and balances that have been missing for quite some time. Thank you again and good luck today!

  6. I have known Stephen for years and appreciate his dedication to our town. I believe he will make a great selectman for Upton and put the residents first when making decisions.

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