Opinion: The Acoustics in Town Hall Suck

townhallThere I said it, I know we all think it.

Upton residents who could not attend the meet the candidates night and planned on watching it on Upton Charter Channel 192 were out of luck.  The video is missing segments and the sound quality is challenging.

Linda, an Upton Daily reader, recently commented ….

For those who were unable to go to candidates night thinking they would be able to make a decision on who they would vote for on May 4th by listening to the recorded video on channel 192, were sadly mistaken because the acoustics in the Town Hall made it impossible to understand one word of what the candidates were saying. Unfortunately, the best person for the seat may lose out because absentee voters have no idea where each candidate stands on all issues. This is NOT the first time this has happened and I sincerely hope that, Dave, the moderator will step up to the plate and resolve this issue. I, for one, will NOT be voting as I have no idea what each candidate said or how they responded to the questions from the audience…SAD, SAD, SAD!!!

What a shame!


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  1. Bluegreen says:

    The vaulted ceiling is beautiful but the acoustics are awful. This is not the first time the issue has been raised. The town should hire an acoustics expert to see if there is a fix.

  2. Christina O says:

    To think of all the money spent on the town hall and it can’t even be used for a town gathering correctly . Wondering if they will blame the audio equipment.

  3. Correction: who they would vote for on May 4th”…date should have been May 1st!!!

    • Candidates night was initially in the Town Hall, then changed to the HS, then changed BACK to the Town Hall. KNOWING the acoustics in the Town Hall are not audible, why wasn’t candidates night scheduled at the HS on a night when it was available if the acoustics are so much better??? Gee, maybe I should run this town!!!

  4. I was there in person as well and I could not understand most of it due to the echo in the room. Very frustrating as I was hoping to get more than an “impression” of the candidates. A written transcript would help.

  5. Stan Coffin says:

    A $7 Million dollar money pit..

    • Seriously Stan, do you think one of the new candidates will put this acoustic issue on their “to do list”??? Anyone that wants their voice heard in the Town Hall should jump all over the new people before the town meeting on May 4th if it’s going to be held there.

  6. I would hope that voters were not relying on this one event to determine their voting preference!

    • Ruth Kemp says:

      I was counting on this forum to hear and see all candidates together. The same thing happen last year with the sound. I wish I could have attended.

  7. Debbie Amorelli says:

    It was very frustrating being in the room too. Couldn’t understand any of Craig’s opening statement. I wonder if the audience would have been able to hear better if the candidates didn’t use a microphone. Of course that wouldn’t help any cable viewers. If Nipmuc isn’t available maybe memorial or miscoe could substitute.

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