Nipmuc Regional HS Graduation 2017: Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things


Surrounded by loved ones and friends, Nipmuc Regional High School’s Class of 2017 was encouraged to be thankful and enjoy the little things in life during the Fifty-seventh Annual Commencement Ceremony held June 2.

“We have been blessed with an excellent education and we cannot let that go to waste,” Class President Sarah Bloznalis told her fellow graduates. “Do not wait for a better break or another chanc. Take all you’ve learned from your teachers, family, and friends and go out into the world and succeed. Success is out there for each of us,” she said.

The class motto, “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things” – Keven Vonnegut, was woven throughout the ceremony.

Principal John Clements encouraged the graduates to cultivate the best version of themselves, “Make your dreams actionable. Remember the collection of each singular moment will one day be the story of your decades; and that story has the potential to inspire the character and quality of our future.”

In her essay A Small Token of Our Appreciation Bailey Vogt reflected on their time together and encouraged her classmates to thank the people who were there for them. “Never forget where you came from, who influenced you …Take nothing for granted, be thankful for this life you were given.”

Jill Carey assured parents that the Class of 2017 is ready to take the next step in life. “I know for a lot of you sitting out there, the idea of us entering out on our own, whether it be to college, service, or work force, is scary. But I also know that we are ready…. The last four years has given us the experience, skills, and relationships necessary to find success, no matter where life takes us. So tonight, on behalf of the class of 2017, I’m here to say, ‘Yes mom, we’re ready.’” Jill said although she doesn’t know what is instore for the Class of 2017 she does know that thanks to their families and teachers they are ready to find out.

Valedictorian Kylie Gallagher gave the final farewell saying, “Graduates, it’s important to shoot for the stars, but it’s more important to talk about kindness and class; and those qualities will determine if we ever reach our stellar destinations.”

“It’s important to make time for yourself, connect with those who you love, and to connect with nature,” said District Superintendent Joseph Maruszczak, “Just like Vonnegut wrote, it is these little things in life that you truly remember.”

The Nipmuc Regional High School Band performed Shenandoah and the Chorus performed Back Home.

Madison Kimball, Dean Sheehan, and Rene Venable performed For Good (Wicked).

Congratulations Class of 2017!

Upton Daily Photographer Kathryn Hall

Here are members of the class of 2017:

Carol Edward Abedelnour
Megan Elizabeth Agro
Alisha Morgan Allers
Nicholas James Anderson
Steven Marc Anderson
Dylan Thomas Applegate
Michelle Elizabeth Arsenault
Patrick Richard Edward Steven Beaupre
Matthew Taylor Benoit
Mary Kate Berner
Kyle Jeffrey Bernero
Jaclyn Marie Bianchi
Sarah Lynne Bloznalis
Meghan Marie Bolotin
Drew Linscott Bowman
Samuel Patrick Broe
Ryan Paul Burke
Mackenzie Ann Callahan
Christopher Greggory Cannavo
Jillian Rowin Carey
Samuel Bodenheimer Carter
Aleah Meredith Castonguay
Grace Pearl Caughey
Mario Edward Cicconi
Nathan Michael Cieply
Monica Elizabeth Collins
Emma Katharine Crisfield
Annika Elizabeth Dankwardt
Joshua Anthony Davis
Zachary William Dawson
Patrick Michael Donelan
Benjamin Ferris Evans
Troy Michael Fallon
Kaelan Barrett Farragher
Kimberly Ann Frary
Kylie Jane Gallagher
Marco Roberto Giannozzi
Olivia Marie Giardini
Jenna Nicole Gillespie
Brianna Marie Heffron
Sophia Welsh Hegarty
Annabelle Leigh Hentz
Sarah Catherine Hetu
Viola Akiko Hibbett
Amber Skye Hogue
Maxwell Foster Hubley
Zachary Benson Hunter
Mark Anthony Jango
Joshua Wyman Jones
Hunter Elisabeth Kadra
Sean Patrick Kelleher
Madison Lynn Kimball
Andre’ Michael Kinne
Zackary John Lapointe
Colleen Louise Lavoie
Elizabeth Barbara Leblanc
Brandon Ross Lefebvre
Gabriel James Lenart
Mia Rose Lucerini
Meaghan Elizabeth MacKay
Jillian-Marie Emelia Magliano
Michael Terrence Manning
John Ambrose Marshall
Cameron Reed Martino
Sophia Maria Matellian
Cameron William Charles McCulloch
Joanne Katherine Michel
Christopher Jed Miller
Taylor Alexis Moore
Rutger Austin Bae Mosher
Margaret Anne Moss
Trevor James Moutinho
Paige Rose Murphy
Haley Elizabeth Natterstad
Dallas Matthew O’Hagan
Adam Paul Ober
Ethan Ray Paine
Ciara Marie Pape-Rasco
Lauren Elizabeth Parent
Jared Michael Pathiakis
Logan Jonathan Pazol
Jessica Taja Perkins
Julia Marie Perrone
Bethany Michelle Perry
Lea Michelle Peterson
Rebecca Claire Pfeiffer
Hannah Nicole Poe
Catherine Daisy Prescott
Seth Michael Prescott
Noah Miloslav Puchovsky
Abigail Rose Rapiejko
Rebecca Margaret Rausch
Ryan Louis Richards
Kayla Elizabeth Riordan
Cameron Pinho Robinson
Jake William Rofrano
Meredith Nicole Sarah
Katie Anne Sauer
Dean Patrick Sheehan
Vanessa Lillianne Shepherd
Brett Harrison Siegel
Kayma Grace Snook
Sean David Southland
Ryan Thomas Steele
Abigail Marie Sterling
Alexander Joseph Sullivan
Brooke Ann Sylvester
Jake Matthew Szymko
Benjamin Austin Taft
Amber Annette Tancrell
Edward Jay Tarabey
Isabelle Theresa Todd
Sarah Elizabeth Tong
Mercedes Rose Tredeau
Lucas Edward Vanslette
Richard Alexander Vargas
Rene Elizabeth Venable
Brian Robert Vennard
Ryan Joseph Victor
Bailey Donovan Vogt
Connor Kieran Walz
Olivia Louise Whitney
Samantha Marie Williams

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