Valley Tech Proposes Special Legislation to Assist Ailing Teacher

       School Committee Action Supports a Proposal to Create Pension Eligibility for Philip LeMarbre

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 8.20.50 PMThe Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional District School Committee, at its regularly scheduled school committee meeting last evening, voted unanimously to endorse the spirit of language shared by Superintendent-Director Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick to conceptualize proposed special legislation for the benefit of science teacher Dr. Philip LeMarbre. The superintendent advised the committee that he had approached State Rep. Brian Murray of Milford to explore the possibility of special legislation to allow a respected science teacher who is battling ALS to meet the minimum requirement of ten years of service to be eligible for a pension from the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System.

Dr. Fitzpatrick reported that Rep. Murray, who represents Dr. LeMarbre’s hometown of Hopedale, was highly receptive and eager to work with his constituent to file such legislation. The superintendent explained that the process for such legislation requires Dr. LeMarbre to be the petitioner, but the vote of the committee to support the concept would likely strengthen the teacher’s case. Follow-up outreach to Rep. David Muradian of Grafton and Rep. Joseph McKenna of Webster, who represent several Valley Tech member towns, indicated they would also support this request.  While offering suggested language for the special legislation, the superintendent anticipated that Rep. Murray would work with the legislature’s legal counsel for specific wording.


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