Representative Muradian Welcomes Visitors from Upton Senior Center

Upton Senior Center Tour.jpg

Representative David K. Muradian, Jr. (R-Grafton) was excited to welcome members of the Upton Senior Center to the State House in Boston on June 20th.

The group of seniors were accompanied by Department Specialist Bernadette Denson and Driver Jim Earl. Representative Muradian treated the group to a tour of the building, including stops in the Senate Reading Room, Doric Hall, and a rare trip to the Governor’s Balcony overlooking the Boston Common. The tour also took a trip to the House Chamber where the seniors sat in the Members’ seats while Representative Muradian told them about the history of the Chamber, as well as the building itself.

Following the tour, Representative Muradian treated the group to a catered lunch. This allowed for private conversations and enhanced the personalized tour.

“It was wonderful to welcome members of the Upton Senior Center to the State House once again, especially after the overwhelmingly positive response from the group last year,” said Representative Muradian. “It was especially interesting to be able to visit the Governor’s Balcony with the group, allowing for a truly unique experience and unparalleled view of Boston.”

“The Upton Seniors had a fantastic visit to the State House today, complete with a personal tour by State Rep. Muradian and a visit from Senator Moore,” said Bernadette Denson. “They finished with a delicious lunch, and it was a treat they won’t soon forget.”

Representative Muradian shared mutual feelings for the group of seniors. “I really enjoy interacting with our seniors, and I could not have asked for a better group to spend my day with,” said Rep. Muradian following the tour.

 Any constituent who wishes to speak to Representative Muradian or his staff please call (617) 722-2240.

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