A Kickoff Barbecue for 2,000

BVT welcomes new students at annual Welcome Barbecue

Freshmen First Day.jpg

L-R: back row – seniors Shannon Bethel of Milford, Josie Burlingame of Upton, and Hannah Currie of Milford. Middle row – senior Brianna Torres of Milford and junior Olivia Mahoney of Sutton. Front  row– juniors Rachel Vachon of Milford and Emily Donnelly of Millbury.

Have you ever hosted a barbecue that served more than 700 hamburgers and 600 hot dogs? Blackstone Valley Tech did exactly that during its Freshmen and New Student Barbecue on August 17th hosting some 2,000 people representing the 315 freshmen and the dozen new upperclassmen joining BVT this year.

The annual event served as an opportunity for BVT staff and returning students to welcome freshmen, new students, and their families to the campus. The newest members of the BVT community were treated to traditional cookout fare on the front lawn of the school and a chance to dilute some of their nerves. At the barbecue students met other students, greeted administrators, located their bus number, and received their exploratory schedules. The event served as a launching pad into the new year.

“I’m excited to start tomorrow,” said Cassie Riordan, a freshman from Blackstone. “I’m really looking forward to the new experience.”

Many returning students also attended the event as volunteers hoping to model the BVT spirit and help new students feel at ease in their new school.

“I volunteered at the barbecue to give back because Valley Tech has given me so much, so I like to be the best representative for BVT that I can be,” said Adam Cavanaugh, a junior from Milford in the Business Technology program

The upperclassmen also set up tables throughout the hallways passing out information, selling class t-shirts, and advertising different clubs and activities. The tables were often crowded with incoming students looking for advice from the veterans

“I always tell freshmen to get involved and to make sure their passion for education remains with them throughout their time at BVT,” said Cavanaugh.

After all the hamburgers, hot dogs, grills, and tables were cleared from the front lawn, the BVT staff welcomed the freshmen and new students for their orientation on Friday, August 18th. The full day orientation allowed students to find their lockers, learn where their classes will be, and receive safety rules for each of the shops they will be participating in during the exploratory period

“The orientation is a great way to get the new students excited and to welcome them,” said Shannon Bethel, a senior from Milford in the Health Services program who serves as the Student Council president. “I look back at my orientation and I remember thinking about the message the older students were sending to the new students by giving up a day of their summer to be there. It says so much about our school community.

The freshmen and new students got the chance to interact with the entire student body during the first day of school for all students on Monday, August 21st. Since 1997, BVT has voluntarily operated under an extended school year calendar of 193 teaching-days.

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