Board of Selectmen Meeting Tuesday 9/5 – Weed, Electricity Aggregation, Land Slated for Auction….


Tuesday’s Upton Selectmen meeting is jammed packed with all types of interesting topics. Including recreation weed considerations,  land for auction, electricity aggregation, and much more.  The meeting will take place at Upton Town Hall at 6 p.m. The full agenda is below.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 – 6:00pm
Agenda Item Summary
1.0 Call Meeting to Order
2.0 Review Meeting Agenda/Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes Attached.
3.0 Invited Guests Upton’s Men Club

A representative from the Upton’s Men Club will come before the Board to discuss the expansion of their plantings. The area they  would like permission to spruce up would be at the municipal parking lot next to the VFW across from Fin & Feather.

Colonial Power Group

In February 2016 the Town entered into an Electricity Aggregation Contract with Colonial Power to manage the process to go out to bid on the Town’s behalf to provide its residents and businesses with an option for purchasing electricity at a cost less than is provided by National Grid.

Approval from town meeting obtained several years ago with the intent of this process to be managed by the Hampshire Council of Governments but they were unable to obtain approval from the State Dept. of Public Utilities for the 40 towns who wanted to participate.  That approval by Town Meeting has been transferred to Colonial.

The agreement with Constellation will expire in December. The Board will meet with Mark Cappadonna from the Colonial Power Group to review bidding out various options for electricity to obtain pricing for residents as the State approved the Town’s aggregation plan.

4.0 Recognition
5.0 Manager’s Report
6.1 Appointments The Board will consider the following appointments/designations:

  • PT Communications Officer
  • Designate Stephen Matellian as a Special Municipal Employee
  • Personnel Board Member
  • Registrars
6.2 Review Street Sign Requests The Board of Selectmen recieved several requests for Street Signs. The Police Chief and Director of Public Works have noted their reccommendations for the Board to review.
6.3 Review Street Lights in Whitney Farms Upon recommendation from the Town Manager, Police Chief and Director of Public Works, the Board of Selectmen will consider voting to eliminate the new street light that was proposed for installation on the cul-de-sac (Summers Circle) within the subdivision.  However, according to the Drainage and Utility Plan (revised date 11-17-16) that was presented there is an existing light pole (LP#29) and a utility pole (UP#30) on Grove Street.  In order to provide sufficient lighting at the intersection of Grove Street and the new subdivision road the Board will consider requiring that a new light be installed on UP#30 or the light can be moved from LP#29 to UP #30.  The light is to be in kind with existing lights along Grove Street.
6.4 CMMPO Information & Member Selection In keeping with the member selection process, the CMMPO staff (CMRPC transportation planning staff) is requesting that the Select board send a Selectman to attend a CMMPO Information & Member Selection meeting at the Taft Public Library, 29 North Avenue,
6.5 Discuss Tax Title Properties Slated for Auction on September 26 Attached are the parcels that are slated for auction by the Treasurer/Collector on September 26 as these are tax title properties. Typically, the Town would get comments asking the Town to retain certain parcels for drainage, easements, open space etc.  The Town Manager has  circulated all auction properties to various Departments and Committees to gather input. Mr. Brindisi has received a request asking the Town to retain 0 Westboro Road for a potential cemetery vs. having to purchase a parcel in the future.
6.6 Consider funding for Fire Department Strategic Plan The Board of Selectmen will consider funding to conduct a performance and management study of the Fire & EMS Department. This includes analyzing the Department organization, budget, policies, staffing, equipment, capacity and related variables that support or constrain Department needs into the future.
6.7 Recreational Marijuana Considerations The Town must consider its next step in either prohibiting, controlling or regulating the retail sale of marijuana in order to take action at the fall STM. The Board will discuss the options.

  • November 2016 state election ballot, Massachusetts voters approved Question 4 to allow the Recreational use of marijuana by adults in the Commonwealth.
  • July 28, 2017, Governor Baker signed the General Court’s revised law on the subject, “An Act to Ensure Safe Access to Marijuana” (the “Act”), adopted as Chapter 55 of the Acts of 2017.
  • March 15 2018, the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) must adopt regulations for the issuance of such licenses.
  • June 1, the CCC will begin issuing licenses for the retail sale of marijuana.


6.8 Review Progress Report from Town Manager Review Committee At their last meeting, the Board of Selectmen requested a progress report from the Town Manager Act Review Committee.
6.9 Review Application for Haunted House Trail at Heritage Park xx
7.0 Meeting Look Ahead Topic
8.0 New Business* *This item is included to acknowledge that there may be matters not reasonably anticipated by the Chair that could be raised during the Public comment period by other members of the Committee, by staff or others.
9.0 Department Reports xx
10.0 Correspondence
11.0 Executive Session The Board will enter into Executive Session under MGL c.30A, S. 21 exceptions #3: to discuss strategy sessions with respect to collective bargaining if the chair declares an open meeting will have a detrimental effect on the Town’s bargaining position.
12.0 Adjourn Meeting
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  1. Debbie Amorelli says:

    Thank you for publicizing these meetings. Agendas are posted on the town website but not many people look at it.

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