Riverdale Water Company Angling to Supply Water to the Town of Northbridge

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 11.26.17 PM

Riverdale Water Co. Vice President Andrew Knott

I stumbled upon an interesting article in the Worcester Business Journal discussing Riverdale Water Company’s (RWC) capabilities of supplying water to the Town of Northbridge. Vice President Andrew Knott of Upton is hoping to sell water to the Town after the current supplier proposed a 25 percent increase.

Private ownership of water utilities is growing and has advantages for consumers and taxpayers. For example, “Under many privatization agreements, a water company becomes the producer — being responsible for infrastructure upgrades, repairs and daily water production — while the municipality remains the provider and ultimate owner of the infrastructure.” – WBJ

Knott sat down the the WBJ and answered some questions, it’s an interesting read which you can find here. 

“Riverdale Water Co., was founded in 2003 by James Knott, Sr., owner of Riverdale Mills Corp., one of the largest employers in Northbridge. RWC had its origin in 2000 with the purchase of 47 acres of land from Blackstone River Realty Corp. RWC has developed, permitted, financed and constructed a state-of- the-art, $1.1-million pumping station to source new drinking water at no capital cost to the Town of Northbridge.” – WBJ








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