Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Headphones Raffle

2017BoseHeadphonesIf you would like to win a new $349.95 pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, you could be the lucky winner when you purchase raffle tickets from the local nonprofit organization Bay State Trail Riders Association, Inc. (BSTRA).  Raffle tickets are available to the general public either online or via mail purchase.  Go to to make your raffle ticket purchase and get more information.

    • 5 tickets for $5
    • 12 tickets for $10
    • 30 tickets for $20.

Deadline for receiving your ticket purchase is Noon on December 15. The drawing will be held on December 15 and the winner will be notified the same day.

The popular, high quality headphones being raffled off by BSTRA are to raise funds for the organization’s trail creation and improvement projects scheduled for 2018.  Staffed entirely by volunteers, BSTRA is able to put 100% of the amount raised by ticket sales into projects improving trails in state forests and parks used by so many people for outdoor recreation and fitness.

BSTRA has a track record of dependability, credibility and accomplishment, putting more than $551,000 into trail projects since 1989.  The Shared Stewardship Award was presented to BSTRA earlier this Spring for the tremendous contributions they have made to the trail community.  Their projects have made improvements in forests and parks in 34 towns across Massachusetts, as well as in Rhode Island and Connecticut.  In 2017, major improvements were made by BSTRA on the Southern New England Trunkline Trail in the Bellingham/Franklin area, in the Douglas State Forest off SW Main Street, to the Inman Hill Wildlife Conservation Area access road and parking area in Mendon, to the Wallis Pond Cart Road in the Douglas State Forest, to the Southern New England Trunkline Trail between Chocolog Road and Aldrich Street, to the East Trail in Mendon, to Mt. Jefferson Conservation Area trail bridges in Hubbardston, and to the West Hill Dam trails in Uxbridge.

Trails play a remarkable role in all our lives.  As one of our greatest assets, trails enable us to explore, travel and savor the world’s natural wonders.  They are the best way to see nature’s hidden treasures and the easiest way to encourage kids, as well as adults, to adopt healthy lifestyles.  For these reasons, BSTRA is committed to keeping the communities’ trails preserved and maintained for outdoor recreation and fitness.  When you purchase raffle tickets from BSTRA, you are investing in your communities’ trails.

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