Letter: “We must never allow our voices to be silenced”

lettersLetter to the Editor,

This letter is in response to Selectman Flemings open and personal attack on an Upton citizens request for public information. It also addresses Mr. Rosenfield’s “letter to the editor” published in the Town Crier defending Mr. Fleming.

Mr. Rosenfield’s accusations along with his assertion that the request for public information was based on citizens “perception of the services of the prior Town Manager, and the method of management employed” are insulting. Both elected and appointed public officials who displays inappropriate behavior need to be challenged, not endorsed.

Selectman Fleming and former board members levied the same contempt at me when I dared to question the prior Town Manager’s agenda and conduct. Selectman Flemings repeated pattern of abusive behavior when challenged was directed at me at a public meeting (reported in the Milford Daily News) where he aimed falsehoods and mistruths at me. I called out his distortions and outright lies in my February 22, 2016 letter to the editor published in both the Milford Daily News and the Upton Daily. I have yet to receive an apology.

Mr. Fleming and Mr. Rosenfield appear to suffer from the same affliction of needing to reinforce publicly that they are the smartest in the room. Their behavior and actions indicates otherwise.

The last I checked we live in the United States of America. The founding fathers drafted the constitution to protect our rights and freedoms. I remind Mr. Fleming and Mr. Rosenfield that we do not live in an autocracy and that there is no place for a King in our democracy. Our ability to question truth to power keeps government in balance.

We must never allow our voices to be silenced.

William D. Montenegro




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  1. I’ve had a few similar experiences with Mr. Fleming. He has the unique ability to fly off the handle and then ask you to calm down. He supported the former tyrant of a Town Manager through her many attacks on residents. Soccer fields, Gravel pit company, restrictions on use of public lands, attacks on residents of private roads, the list is endless.

    Someone needs to ask Mr. Flemming how he became aware of a public info request in the 1st place. It was more than improper for him to disclose that request in public or to question the motives, it was criminal. I’m hopeful that the AG investigates him for a public information request violation.

  2. Pamela Goodwin says:

    I have first hand experience with Mr. Fleming departing from acting as a member of a Board and doing his own thing. I don’t care how much experience he has.. The last few issues of The Town Crier have addressed precisely this issue. People are sick and tired of the attitude. I fail to understand why the other two members of the Board of Selectmen allow this to continue. Mr. Fleming should be ashamed that he is referred to a king..or perhaps it simply feeds his ego. I hope there are numerous candidates to choose from in May….

  3. Stan Coffin says:

    I was at that meeting, and can attest to everything Mr. Montenegro details. It was shameful, and I applaud him for bringing this to light

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