Jennifer Doyle started Upton Daily March 6, 2013 to fill the void left when another local online news source had it’s doors closed.  This is a new adventure.

Upton Daily is a online resource to find out what’s UP in Upton, Massachusetts.

To contact Upton Daily with tips, events, press releases, or announcement email  the editor at editor@uptondaily.com.



  1. When can Upton get a drugstore (not choosy about vendor) downtown – why must residents drive down Rte. 140 to Grafton, into Milford or downtown Hopkinton to get medicine, thermometers, anything remotely to do with health/prescriptions/pharmacist – it is a back water town until it is done. The town has enough open space, fishing holes, Chinese food places. Upton you need to get into the 21st century and provide this one service/establishment for its residents – don’t worry – you won’t turn into Worcester – and Rte. 140 in Upton is a dump – clean up the town and get rid of those acres and acres of used auto sales on Rte 140, get some reasonable zoning in – but at least get something going and put one pharmacy in town.

  2. I can’t help but wonder why there are so many outdated stories, comments and articles, some dating back to 2013, remaining on most pages of the Upton Daily. Isn’t there anyone available to delete these items? It gets confusing (I’m easily confused, I know) especially so with requests, items for sale and employment opportunities. Just wondering and I do appreciate your effort Jenn.

  3. When I open my browser it loads: Boston Globe, NY Times, The Guardian and Upton Daily. The blog is a wonderful and exceptionally timely resource dedicated to our corner of the World. Many thanks for all the time and hard work that goes into making this available for everyone.

  4. First I’d like to say your blog is very information and it’s greatly appreciated. I wish all residents and their actions were as generous and helpful. However, I have to say I am shocked at the lack of discussion and outrage about the Grafton Upton Railroad and it’s effects on the community. Upton has been considered a bedroom community and with a tax base primarily residential (nearly 93%). The styrene spill reported on Dec 18th at 25 Maple Ave is to be expected with many more incidents to follow. Considering the time the rail yard has been in business and a spill occurring already…statistically speaking this is not a good sign. Can anyone report to the revenue being made for the town of Upton as a direct result of the rail yard? It’s great the railroad contributed the emergency gear for such issues, but that was completely a self-serving act. Has Upton updated the Disaster Preparedness Plan to include other approved Red Cross Shelters other than the high schools, both of which are 1/2 mile from the rail yard? These are not appropriate shelters for the hazard level and hazard zone. More transparency on these types of questions and what chemicals are being transloaded and stored at 25 Maple Avenue would be a great public service.

  5. How can I get upton daily on my phone , so I can know what is going on in my town . Thank you. Jacqueline Heerde

  6. As a follow-up to my previous request/comment:
    I did find your ‘About’ link.
    Would it be possible to include Upton Heritage Day (Oct 5th) on your calendar? Please contact the Historical Society for to obtain info at 508-529-6600 (Barbara Burke, Tom Bair or Russ Wood).
    Thanks Again,

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