1. Got Upton Town water?
    This is to notify all Upton Town Residents of a proposal being put forth by a developer to place a roadway over the easement deeded to the town that houses the pipes that distribute your water from the water tower on Pratt Hill in Upton off Warren Street.
    If you’ve noticed the construction on High Street this summer you’ll note it is being done due to the age of the pipes and that the pipes up top that follow down are as old if not older and have been identified as being weakend to that of an eggshell.
    All Upton taxpayers and consumers of Upton Town water are strongly encouraged to consider the ripple effects of allowing this to take place and to voice your concerns and opposition to the Upton Zoning Board of Appeals in writing :

    Upton Zoning Board of Appeals
    C/O Stedman Briggs, Chair et al.

    1 Main St, Suite 16
    Upton, MA 01568

    and attend the meeting on Oct 17,2018 @7pm at the Upton Town Hall.
    Your water-your taxes,your health,your ultimate voice

    1. This will become a real mess. 1st off, how would someone be allowed to do any sort of construction over an easement deeded to the town (FOR OUR TOWNS DRINKING/WATER SUPPLY). Developers have been trying to build back there since the 70’s and have always been told this land cannot be developed on. The plans are available at the town hall. 2 houses (for now) with a shared driveway going all the way up to the water tower. 1 of the houses will be built right near the water tower. Lots of digging, drilling, and blasting going on along with septic system leeching fields, and winter salt going on right near our “EGG SHELL, FRAGILE, OUTDATED” 60+ year old water pipes. The easement was granted to the Town of Upton Water Dept. by a past town resident for the sole purpose of the care and maintenance of our drinking and water supply, so why is this even being considered?
      Another thing to consider is, what this will do to the traffic in that area? Hartford Ave. and High St. is already an overburdened heavily travelled roadway that is more and more like a small version of I-495. We are also talking about land that hasn’t had it taxes paid for since 2010. How long could you or I go without paying our property taxes? Who’s palm is getting greased?

  2. I was wondering why the Upton Common is not lit up for the holidays ? Also that for more than a month the stained glass window in the Knowlton Risteen building is not lit up either?

  3. As a follow up to replys, John Simone’s New Year’s Eve giant 10 pt buck taken in Upton is at taxidermist. The rack is a typical 10 pt w no deductions and green scored 154.75″s. The skull was aged at Ma F&W in Westboro at 6.5 years old. Johns 1st pic shows time of 4:49pm when he found it 40 yds away from a well placed shot that finished him in seconds.
    Thanks for all replys and interest

  4. Valerie Lowe
    This needs to be put on news! This poor family lost 2 of there family members do to the negligence of this company! If you read all post you will see how wrong and uncaring they were!
    16 minutes ago

    Valerie Lowe
    GIBSON NATURAL PET RESORT: As I watch our facebook posts to Gibsons Natural Pet Resort take on a life of their own I am always taken back by the commenters who counteract my opinions. Since I have been prevented from further commenting on their page/reviewing I figured I could address my points of concern here in response to some of the comments I have seen:
    First and foremost I absolutely cannot stand seeing “Gibson’s are in my thoughts”, “this must be very hard on you and your family”, “my heart breaks for you”…etc. Let us be clear on something, the Employees and owners of Gibson’s Kennels hearts are not breaking the same way ours are. We lost two of the sweetest dogs we entrusted them to care for while the dog who caused the two deaths is at home with its family. Our hearts ache. The Kennels heart is breaking because this is their business and while they may love dogs (everyone loves dogs) their business is going to suffer now that the news Is out. At the end of the day they are going to carry on working and at the end of the day they will go home and still be with their very much live pets. Their hearts break for their business, our hearts ache for our pets.
    Accidents happen. Yes they do, but an accident is “oops I stepped on your dogs foot”, “oops we accidentally shaved your dogs fur too short”, “oops your dogs got into a fight”. Even one dog fatality might be considered an accident. Those are accidents. Let’s call this what it is. One Siberian Husky killed two toy sided dogs. And if you really want to get into it one had a gash in its abdomen so large it bled out. The other a broken spine, bruising, bites, scratches, internal bleeding. These two poor dogs did not die slowly or painlessly. They were hunted down and the intent was to kill them when the Husky went after them. In order to break a dogs spine I would imagine the dog shook the shit out of it. I imagine the scene was absolutely gruesome and messy, both dogs found in different areas. (Sorry Mom, im sure you don’t want to think about these things) Could you imagine if other small dogs were accessible? That’s too strikes in my book as it could have stopped after one but didn’t. So let’s consider this two incidents. Must we wait for a third before the dog is deemed “dangerous”? If the kennel did their absolute best they would have noticed if a cage/gate was broken. When was the facility last inspected? If the kennel did their absolute best they would have noticed screaming, crying, anything. I know how loud my pups are when they greet me at the door. I know they cried and no one responded. Where was everyone when this happened? Having a pow wow in the break room? Why no security cameras? I’m sure just the Siberian Husky slamming up against a gate would have been loud and certainly a different sound.
    If you think your dog is in good hands when you bring them to daycare then I am so happy for you. Just remember we thought the same exact thing. I hope an “accident” does not happen to your dog.
    A “heartfelt” apology from the kennel doesn’t cut it. I wonder how many people went to pick up their dogs this past week and did not know that while their pet was there at the kennel they were at risk of injury. How many other peoples small dogs were on the brink of death as well if they were exposed. The vague Facebook apology to put people’s minds at ease means squat and quite frankly was worded specifically as to not tip anyone off that there was a bloodbath days before. It was meant to make the event look less harmless than it was and they I am sure had that ready to go days before posting seeing as the dogs were killed the day after they were dropped off, about a week before pickup. The kennel had a week to figure out their responses and next moves.
    Bottom line, they weren’t Bob’s dogs, so it’s impossible to believe they were loved by him that much. He hadn’t had them in possession for barely 24hours how could he have fallen in love with them? His wife was more concerned about her riding hat that day. Priorities??? I’m so glad your hat was a part of you and you’ve had it for ten years. Our dogs were a part of us and won’t live to see 10 years. I think anyone posting has the right to pass judgment here and from the looks of it doesn’t look like anyone was there at the kennel either.
    Although Gibson Natural Pet and the resort are all encompassing it doesn’t mean that both places display the same level of professionalism / care.
    I leave you with this “Family owned and operated. Bob and Mel started out with one location in Grafton in March 2002. They wanted to open a new modern place where people would feel comfortable leaving thier dog or cats when they went away”. I did not feel this comfort, my parents did not feel this comfort and hopefully after many others see the news they too will not feel the comfort. Ariel Demers
    16 minutes ago

    Valerie Lowe
    No one should feel sorry for there business !!! Look at the poor family and what there going through
    4 minutes ago · Seen 1:44 PM
    These r who you should feel sorry for and doing breaking story about! Not the company to blame for there loss

  5. Upton Recreation Commission’s
    Youth Theater Class is offering:

    For ages 7-13

    The Play will be: The Pied Piper with original music by Bob Nicoll (www.bobnicollmusic.com). Kids and parents will be asked to assist with set and costumes.

    2 week summer session:
    July 8th-19th, 2013
    Rehearsals: Nipmuc High School
    Meets Monday through Friday
    Instructors: Jen Davis-Nicoll & Bob Nicoll
    The performance will be
    Friday, July 19thth at 11 a.m.
    Location: Nipmuc High School
    Fee: $175.00

    Space is limited so sign up A.S.A.P.! To register go on line to the Upton Recreation Commission new website at uptonreccom.org.
    For more info about the class contact jendavisnicoll@gmail.com Or
    Mary Cortese: mcortese@upton.ma.us

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