Grafton Upton Railroad News

IMG_3641[1]On February 13, 2013 the Upton Board of Health wrote a letter to the Surface Transportation Board regarding the Grafton Upton Railroad. In the letter signed by Sherri Berger, Al Holman, and Richard Dejardins, the Upton Board of Health states in part:

“G&U has been cooperative and accommodating in permitting the Board to conduct inspections and has engaged in an open and constructive dialogue with the Board in order to take appropriate actions when requested by the Board. The Board of Health agrees with and supports the decision of the Board of Selectmen not to pursue any action before the Surface Transportation Board and to allow G&U to continue transportation in the yard.”

On social media yesterday several members of the community were clearly frustrated with the BOH. The topic returned to the issue of why didn’t the BOS petition the Surface Transportation Board for clarification of what activities fall under preemption. The BOS are on record indicating they believe the activities at G & R Railroad fall under preemption. Several Upton residents felt differently, formed a group and filed a request for the STB to review the issue of preemption.

Several people reported making phones calls to the BOH yesterday inquiring why the letter was written, after several miscommunications it was determined the BOH is required to respond to requests from businesses.

The question is how damaging will this letter be to the petitioners who filed the request to determine preemptive status with the STB?

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