Ups and Downs of Uptondaily

uptondailyAnother exciting week at Uptondaily, the highlight for me was attending the Jazz Night at Nipmuc High School. I was disappointed I couldn’t stay and watch the entire repertoire performed by the Providence College Jazz Funk group, they were amazing. I would pay to see them play, and they performed at the HS for free. Wow, it was a treat.

This week I had a few people reach out to me wondering if I was going to cover one event or another, which is great, I love covering events. Unfortunately I can’t be everywhere; I’m just one chick. If I can’t make it to an event, please feel free to snap some photos and write a quick blurb and email it to me to post.

The uptonmoms experiment is underway. I’m looking forward to seeing if the moms will like it or not. Comments are set up so once a commenter has been approved any additional comments they make will not be cued for approval, the comments will be automatically published. If you wish to follow uptonmoms comments, simply comment on the page and select follow the comments.

My goal this week is to stop hitting publish instead of preview to spare you from typos and incomplete thoughts which are published when I accidently publish my rough drafts.  It will get better, I promise.

Some people are wondering how I get paid; I don’t. This is something I am doing for fun, I don’t make any money from commissions, stipends, a salary, or by how many people come to visit the blog. This is just a hobby which I’m truly enjoying.

If you have an event, blog idea, story, or anything you would like to see on uptondaily please email me at

Thank you for reading Uptondaily.

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  1. I find it very interesting that the letter from Sen. Moore was posted almost the same moment it hit the STB by this website, Laura Mann’s protectupton website,And the graftonpatch blog yet the Rep Peterson letter has been posted at the STB and on other non basised websites since 3-28-2013-I have a hard time believing your prior statements of no agenda are true as this clearly demonstrates you have a personal agenda along with these other outlets on these railroad issues.

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