Ghost Stories of Upton?

haunting landscapeRecently the Milford Daily News covered a haunting of an early 1900s house in Medway which PROOF Paranormal had stumbled upon.  Kelly Lombardi, paranormal investigator, was visiting the house/business when she reports to have felt the presence of paranormal activity. Upon questioning the store owner she discovered the house was believed to be the home of several spirits. Later PROOF Paranormal went back and performed an activity investigation which lead to several ghostly findings; hearing a conversation between a man and woman who weren’t there, capturing orbs of light on video, and more.

PROOF Paranormal performs free investigations to anyone who feels they have a haunting and then shares the stories on their local television show which airs on Walpole Community Television.

Do you believe in hauntings? Have you had a haunting? Are you presently living among the spirits? Please share your stories in the comments.

If you are interested in sharing your ghost storywith uptondaily please contact or if you are considering reaching out to PROOF Paranormal uptondaily would love to follow your journey.

PROOF Paranormal website

Milford Daily News Story

image courtesy of mymodernmet


  1. Having been there and done that, I totally agree with the last poster. People under attack are very vulnerable. We were very lucky to get genuine help for our problem, but unfortunately there are others who will treat your home like a fairground thrill ride, and stomp all over it, with little respect for you or what you are going through. Spend some time speaking to people before you allow them into your home, get a feel for what they are about and what help they can offer you. And my advice is don’t agree to anything involving a Ouija board. Document as much as you can, and open up to others that has been through the same thing. There is great support to be found online.

  2. Careful commenting about your residence. You will find yourself inundated with calls from every “paranormal team” within 50 miles, and most times you will not get a skeptical investigation. That is important. Also, do a background check on anyone you may consider who does seem to fit the bill. There are frauds and conmen/women out there who will take advantage of getting into your home to either steal, con you out of money for some type of “clearing” or “Cleansing” with a bogus diagnosis for what is happening. And then there are people who have no idea what they are doing. They imitate what they’ve seen on tv, and are nothing more than thrill seekers. In all cases, you will NOT get an honest appraisal of the situation.

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