Upton Recreation Commission’s Youth Theater presents ‘Dream’ – today at 5 p.m.

dreamsOn Monday April 8, the Upton Recreation commission’s Youth Theater will present ‘Dreams’, a show created by the performers.

The process of the play creation involves the cast suggesting what their character would do in the play and from there the script is created.

This FREE event will take place at Memorial School in Upton at 5 p.m.

The Cast:

Teen 1: Aaliyah McGovern

Teen 2: Molly Fitzgerald

Santa Claus: Zahra Karim

Rudolf: Julia Sullivan

Snow wolf 1: Grace Hughes

Snow wolf 2: Clara Cooney

Baby Snow wolf: Kaitlyn Curley

The Chef: Jamie Sims

Rubert the Dragon: Sydney Vanasse

Princess Jenny: Samira Evens

Princess Bitty Bee: Amelia Rouleau

Comet Unicorn: Ishani Saha

Ballerina: Isabella Wilson

Detective Dick Harrison: Nickolas Collins

Thor: Matthew LaPlante

Robber: Sebastian Rojano

Billionare: Hamza Karim

The Star: Kate Robinson

Sun Dragon: Jarrett Nicoll

Merlin the Bunny Sorcerer: Angela Niver

Evil Devil Bunny: Kelsey Casamento

Bad Wolf: Derek McGovern

Tiger: Samantha Deschene

Fairy Princess: Giovanna Bruni

Angel: Lilia Young

Mime: Lily Robinson

Butterfly 1: Dana Schechter

Butterfly 2: Ashleigh Lupien

Director: Jen Davis-Nicoll

Assistant Director: Whitney Loeper

Signing: Whitney Loeper

Stage Crew: Ariana Scobie and the Cast

Music provided by Bob Nicoll

Song: ‘Talking in Your Sleep’ by the Romantics

Props & Costumes: Parents and the Cast

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