Hanging Chads in Upton?

downloadNot quite. Write in campaigns can be problematic.  In order for each vote to count the intent of the voter must be clear.  When a vote is cast it is the responsibility of the voter to ensure the vote is placed under the correct category with the correct name. 

Uptondaily has heard some grumblings regarding “not all votes counting” for Rick Binaco, specifically stating several of the Rick Binaco for Board of Health stickers were placed in the wrong position and if those votes were counted  Rick would have been elected to the Board of Health Position.

According to Kelly McElreath, Upton town clerk, the statement is not accurate. It is true many votes cast for Rick were not for the Board of Health but for another position such as Board of Selectmen.  Kelly advised all votes for Rick under another position were hand written on the ballot therefore the intent of the voter was to cast a vote for Rick for Board of Selectmen and not Board of Health.

At most elections, even those without write-in campaigns, there are always many write-in’s for various positions. At least three people I spoke with yesterday wrote in a candidate for a position other than Board of Health, School Committee, or Recreation Commission.

It was a close race…..

Board of Health:
Richard Robinson: 497
Rick Binaco: 484  

image courtesy of cyberthevote

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