Surface Transportation Board Alerted Petitioners Final Reply Due – Citizens Looking to Raise $5,000 for Attorney Fees – Grafton Upton Railroad News

IMG_3642[1]Last week the Federal Surface Transportation Board alerted the Petitioners final statements regarding the preemption status of the activities at G & U Railroad are due in 10 days. The Surface and Transportation Board will review the final statements from both parties prior to making their final decision on whether or not the activities at G & U Railroad fall under preemptive status.
A group of citizens are requesting one last round of donations for the closing statement.
Submitted to uptondaily:

Mark Bobrowski, the attorney handling this case for the citizens of Upton, has been a wonderful resource and aid in this en-devour. The Town would not stand with us to determine the legitimacy of the RR’s claims on what is truly preempted on that property, as so many other towns have done when citizens have reasonable question. We have had to do this ourselves, in efforts to find out the truth, and to keep our families and town safe.  Mark has worked tirelessly, and put in countless pro-Bono hours for us. The Officials at the STB have even said that rarely  have they ever seen a town’s citizens  take this initiative, this is usually handled by the town’s officials who are supposed to advocate for us. The funds raised privately have been exhausted. And in order to pay Fritz Kahn, the RR expert attorney  who Mark has been working with, we need just $4,000-$5,000 more. 

Please help in any way you can. Every last dollar helps. Thank you for your continued support at this key moment in this case. Thank you, Protect Upton.

You can send checks made out to:

Attorney Mark Bobrowski, Esq.

9 Damon Mill Sq # 4A4.

Concord, MA 01742

You Must include this payment form in order for funds to be used:

Please copy and paste and print, or print this email and simply cut this portion out to submit with payment:

Surface Transportation Board

Petition for Declaratory Action

Maple Avenue, Upton MA

Payment Acknowledgement

The undersigned acknowledges that he/she is making a payment to Attorney Mark Bobrowski on behalf of the Petitioners for the purpose of seeking a Declaratory Action from the Surface Transportation Board in regard to the Upton MA, Maple Avenue railroad activities. The undersigned also acknowledges that he/she will not be a listed Petitioner and will not be receiving any legal services or representation as a client of Attorney Bobrowski in return for this payment.


Print Name



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