Introducing the Upton Yard Sale Group

yardsaleJeracah Rankins, an upton mom, has started a facebook group “Upton, Ma Area Yard Sale.”

The group’s purpose is give you the opportunity to post items you would like to buy and sell. Jeracah is a mom of three who loves to be frugal. She is a member of a similar group, but the majority of that group’s members are 30 minutes away and Jeracah found herself not wanting to travel for small items because of the distance. So she decided to set one up in Upton.

How can you use the group?

  • list items for sale
  • list items wanted
  • announce yard sales

Jeracah is hoping the group will take off . In a message Jeracah wrote, “We are a great community and it would be a great resource when looking to sell or buy items. Even to let our neighbors know of yard sales and free items. I hoping the group will continue to grow and it will be everyone’s fist stop when selling or buying.”

How to join. If you are a facebook user click this link and it will take you to the group, just like join in the top left hand corner.

This is an open group so you don’t have to be a Mom to join. After you request to join you will need to wait for approval.

Thanks Jeracah, this will be a wonderful resource for our community!



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