Mendon Boy Found by K9 Unit

courtesy of stock photo of Bellingham K9
courtesy of stock photo of Bellingham K9

The Mendon Police Department should be praised for the outstanding work in finding a boy who went missing last night.

At approximately 6 p.m. a 13 year old boy wondered off in the woods. He had been punished earlier by his Dad for being flip with his mom and wasn’t happy with his punishment so he walked out, according to Mendon PD LT Blanchette.  The parents and some neighbors searched for the boy in the woods near Kelley Road/Myrtle Street in Mendon but were unable to find the boy.

At approximately 7 p.m. the Mendon Police Department received the call reporting the boy was missing. The area was searched and K9 Units were brought in. Unfortunately due to the heavy traffic in the area from neighbors and family searching the K9 Units were not able to track for the boy.

Police Officers from Mendon, Upton, Uxbridge, Hopedale, and Millville as well as Firefighters/EMS personnel from Mendon were assisting in the search. The Environmental Police and State Police were also involved. State Police K9 Units and K9 from the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council were called in for the search. The Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council K-9 used dogs from Bellingham and Douglas.

After an extensive period of searching it was determined to pull back all units to the command post.  At approximately 3:00 a.m. the father of the boy called out near the woods, because it was quiet and late the K9 units heard the boy call back. The K-9 Units were able to locate the boy in the woods and escorted him back to the command post. The boy was immediately evaluated by the Mendon Fire Department/EMS and it was determined he was fine. He was then debriefed by the Mendon Police Department and returned to his parents.

It is believed the boy was disoriented after it became dark and was unable to find his way home.

LT Blanchette praised the work of all officers and departments involved. He said “there were so many officers and fire department personnel I couldn’t even tell you a number. Everyone did a great job.”

The Mendon Police Department used the reverse 911 to alert Mendon residents the boy was missing and asked for any resident who knew anything or saw the boy to call the police. The Mendon Police Department also notified Mendon residents this morning the boy had been found.

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