Welcome MVPantry – Helping you take the question out of “What’s for dinner tonight”

susanonffroyWelcome Susan Onffroy and her new adventure MVPantry.

MVPantry is a service based company which helps you figure out what’s for dinner.  How? You attend an event where you spend about 30-45 minutes bagging up the ingredients, go home, throw in some meat, then freeze. That’s it. When your fridge is empty or you know your day is packed, whip one of your MVPantry meals out of the freezer throw it in your slow cooker and…. voila dinner is ready to put on the table when you get home. If you don’t have 30-45 minutes to spare MVPantry will do the bagging for you at an additional cost.

Susan fell in love with the idea of MVPantry before she imaged she would be taking on this adventure. She bought the concept and some recipes from a mother of 8 children who lives in Oklahoma. The mom’s sister lived in Upton where Susan was introduced to the idea.  When the sister moved out of the area Susan wanted to carry on the events because she loved having delicious ready to go meals in her freezer for those super busy days.

The meals for the most part of lower in fat but it depends on what cut and type of meat  you add at home.  Susan is a registered and licensed dietitian and her goal is making the meals as healthy as possible.  Susan said, “Slow cooking can be a very healthy way to make meals healthy because you don’t need to add fats.” For the most part she keeps an eye on the sodium and the recipes stay away from using MSG and high fructose corn syrup.

The recipes sound delicious. Susan just got back from Spain and a few of the recipes are from her trip; Arroz Con Pollo (chicken with rice) & Spanish Chicken. This month the event will include some fan favorites; Chili, Creole Jambalaya, Fall Tenderloin, Easy Sunday Roast, just to name a few. The event offers marinades and full meals. Susan also will provide suggestions on what could accompany each recipe. Most meals can feed up to 6-10 people, it depends on how much you eat and how much meat you purchase; you can also size down the meat.

MVPantry’s next event will be held at the Upton VFW on Monday, September 30 from noon to 6:30 p.m. MVPantry has a Food Permit with the Town of Upton and it is ServeSafe and Allergen Awareness Certified.

To find out more information visit MVPantry. To sign up, follow the directions on the signup page.  Reserve before September 20th to guarantee a spot!

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