Paula Sherwin Hosts Thank You Dinner for Upton Fire/EMS Department

IMG_7960On Monday, September 23 Paula Sherwin hosted a dinner for the Upton Fire/EMS Department as a way to show her gratitude and appreciation for their quick response, their respect, their drive to rescue her cats, and their ability to save most of her home.

At approximately 3:30 a.m. on May 21 the Sherwin family was startled awake by smoke detectors, evacuated their home, and called the fire department. The Upton Fire Department responded quickly and was able to have the fire under control in approximately 40 minutes.  Three cats were rescued from the fire.

In an interview shortly after the fire, Chief Goodale stressed the importance of working smoke detectors. “Most people don’t plan on having a fire; we know three people got out unharmed  because of working smoke detectors.” Chief Goodale advised changing the batteries in your smoke detectors when you move your clocks for daylight savings. “Smoke detectors are an important safety feature, it’s important to make sure they are working.”  The U.S. Fire Administration says you should change your smoke detector unit as a whole every 10 years. More than 3,000 people die in-house fires every year and most of them do not have working smoke alarms.

Paula thanked the crew, “Thank you. You got there so quick and it made a huge difference.” Paula had talked about what she was able to recover from the fire because of the efforts of the Upton Fire/EMS crews.  Paula was very thankful that her cats were saved. When Paula was talking about her cats  John Sheridan, who rescued one of the cats from the basement joked about how aggravated that cat was. To the men and women, they were just doing their jobs but to Paula they saved her house and her cats.

Chief Goodale told his crew he was proud of them, “If you walked through the home today you couldn’t even tell there was a fire.” The Chief expressed to Paula he was grateful she was taking the time to do this for them.

Selectman Jim Brochu stopped by the dinner and said a few words. He also thanked Paula for hosting the dinner. Brochu said, “I know these guys truly appreciate this. This isn’t necessary, this is just what they do (put out fires, rescue people and pets). Every call is important. It doesn’t matter if it’s fire showing or just a residential check, every call is important.”

It was a wonderful event and just another example of what a wonderful community Upton is.


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