Diane’s School of Dance attends Dance Olympus


Mackenzie LeClaire, Lindsay Doyle, Meghan Scarborough, Jordan Utter, and            Nyah Gazda pose with Jay Fagan at Dance Olympus

On Sunday January 9 a group of dancers from Diane’s School of Dance had the opportunity to take dance classes under the instruction of elite dance choreographers during the Dance Olympus Conference. Dancers took specialty classes in jazz, lyrical, tap, modern, ballet, musical theater, and hip hop.

Renowned tap dancer Jay Fagan was one of the six instructors who taught a class at the conference. Lindsay Doyle of Upton said Jay was her favorite, “I loved him, he was great and so much fun.” Jay is from Chicago and is one of the most sought after tap instructors in the industry today. Jay is well-known for his choreography, showmanship, and teaching. Most recently his running show “Sibling Rivalry” had sold out performances in both Chicago and Las Vegas.

Other choreographers who attended included Jessica Etzel, Cat Cogliandro, Linda Giancaspro, and Sammy Nelms.

Daine’s School of Dance owner Diane Scouras said, “I think it is wonderful to expose the kids to different dance styles and teaching styles so they can work on their own style. Also it is a wonderful challenge to learn as much as they can and try to perform it at the end. It is a great sense of accomplishment and a lot of fun!”

The day started at 7:45 a.m. and the dancers danced until 3:30 p.m.

Stacey Goodwin, Lauren Heye, and Tori Onffroy – still smiling after 7 hours of dancing

Stacey Goodwin’s favorite part of the day was the jazz class and Lauren Heyes liked dancing to Footloose in Musical Theater.  Tori Onfrroy said, ” My favorite part was the lyrical choreography with Jessica, it was so fun! Also Jay was very funny, I am glad we had him twice!”

In attendance from Diane’s School of Dance –  Meghan Scarborough, Kim Bohan, Lindsay Doyle,Tommy Doyle, Jordan Utter, Mackenzie LeClaire, Kate Nadolski, Liliana Moore, Isabella Biamonte, Nyah Gazda, Lauren Heye, Tori Onffroy, and Stacey Goodwin.

Below is a video clip of one of Jay Fagan’s live performances so you can get a sense of how much fun he is.. clip not from Dance Olympus.

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