Do you love or hate to clean your windows?


Look at that window sparkle – Thanks Tim Wagner of Wagner Windows

I’m pretty sure my Mom loves to clean her windows. She’ll say she doesn’t but there is never a spot, fingerprint, or streak on any of her windows.

Ever since I can remember it’s been that way. She does a heavy cleaning in the spring and fall and touches them up throughout the year as needed.

I on the other hand enjoy having clean windows but just don’t put in the same amount of effort as my mom. Some might say I don’t put in any effort compared to my mom. On my windows you might find fingerprints, spots, nose prints, dog nose prints, dog sneeze marks, and I’m sure lots of other stuff; I’ll spare you from the details of what a bird accomplished while we were on vacation.

Today I can proudly say my windows are just as brilliant as my Mom’s. Not for any effort on my part. I won a contest and the prize was having my windows professionally cleaned and THEY ARE SPARKLING!

I never thought that sparkling windows would make me so happy, I’ve been walking around the house looking out all the windows… you should see them from the street, they look amazing. I think today I understand my mom’s window passion but I’m sure I will not have her drive to keep them this clean. I will however save my pennies so I can experience clean windows like this again.

They look so good I might even put candles in my windows tonight. I know it’s not the “season” but I can imagine how beautiful they would look tonight with the soft glowing light. Don’t make fun of me…historically one would place a candle in the window to let their neighbors know the Sea Captain was home and welcoming friends to visit.  So it wouldn’t be socially unacceptable..would it?

Do you love or hate to clean your windows?

If you like clean windows but hate cleaning them call Tim Wagner, I highly recommend him – he’s the man behind my sparkling windows.. here is his website…..

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  1. Thank you Jennifer! I was googled my company and stumbled on this. I really appreciate it and I’m so sorry that I didnt see it sooner

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