Uxbridge Police will “throw the book” at anyone caught dropping their pants and pooping on trains as they pass by under bridge

providence worcester train

Yes you read that correct!

Uxbridge Police received a report from P&W  Railroad employees that people are defecating off of bridges and onto trains as they pass by. In an interview in the  Telegram and Gazette Uxbridge police said that 4 individuals were reported to be on the bridge on Route 122 when they dropped their pants on defecated on the train. When the Uxbridge police arrived the area was clear.

The Uxbridge Police report several of the overpasses along the tracks have fresh graffiti with spray cans left behind. A can was recently found placed on the track so a train would run over it.  The Uxbridge Police were told by the P&W that leaving items on a track  could derail or damage the train. A derailed train carrying hazardous materials could cause a huge  problem and potentially put lives in danger said Uxbridge Police.

Uxbridge Police have issued a warning, “If you are caught on the rail road tracks you will be arrested for trespassing, if you are caught “tagging” ANY property you will be arrested, if we catch you with your pants down defecating on the train you will be charged with everything we can find that fits the elements to the crime. “

Uxbridge Police request if you see anyone on the tracks or see any suspicious activity around any railroad tracks in town, please contact UXPD HQ immediately at 508-278-7755.


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