A little bit of Upton History by Russ Wood


As the Upton Town Hall reconstructions project is nearing the final stages I thought it would be fun to share this post by Russ Wood submitted last summer.

Upton’s Town hall was originally built in 1882 – 6 and was dedicated in 1884. Upton’s Town hall as been used for many Upton activities; high school graduations, plays, and temporary high school classrooms when the high school burned.  In addition town dinners were held there for returning veterans of WWI and WWII, for retirements of various town officials, and for any other organization in need of a large meeting place.  Minstrel shows always drew a large attendance, as well as silent movies for a night of good entertainment in bygone days.  Many heated town meetings took place on the main floor as well as elections of town officials. The main floor was also used for indoor recreation of all kinds which were held seven days a week.

The flag draped casket of George L. Wood, second Upton soldier killed in WWII, laid in stat in this old building, before being interred at Maplewood Cemetery.  The first piano to come to Upton from Doctor Starckweather and a clock that hung on the balcony donated by the Honorable S.N. Aldrich made their home here.

Now the old building is getting a much-needed up-date and will last for another hundred thirty years.  The building closed down for major renovations the beginning of July.  This is being done to make the facility more functional, handicapped accessible, better air quality, reorganized space, and overall more efficient.

Thanks Russ for sharing this information! If anyone else has “a little bit of Upton History” they would like to share please email jennupton@yahoo.com. I would love to run a monthly post on past days of Upton.


  1. I couldn’t agree more! I used to play women’s volleyball there on Thursday nights. What fun!

  2. Growing up in Upton , I spent many hours at the town hall. They had dances for teens, Chubby Checker was there once. I learned to square dance there and played basketball with friends on Saturday morning. Also spent many hours at the library. Love that building and very glad it is being given a new life.

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