Community Commemorates Newly Installed Walls


Upton Men’s Club members John Mazzone, Paul Capalucci, Ricky Gaudette, Bill McCormick, Mendon-Upton Superintendent Joe Maruszczak, and Nipmuc Principal John Clements

On Wednesday afternoon representatives from the Upton Men’s Club, the Town of Upton, and the Mendon-Upton Regional School District gathered to commemorate the recently donated decorative walls at Nipmuc Regional High School, Memorial School, and the Upton Town Hall. The project was spearheaded by representatives from the Men’s Club who approached the town in order to gain support for the project. In July the Board of Selectmen supported the project with $5,000 from the town’s Risteen Beautification Fund.

Through the project, the Men’s Club has constructed stone walls around the signs located at the entrance of each building. The design of each of the walls is similar in appearance to each of the walls located at the “Welcome to Upton” signs. Following the installation of the walls at Nipmuc and Memorial, community member Heather Applegate – with the assistance of her sons – added finishing touches to the project by including mums and other plantings. The wall for the sign at the Upton Town Hall is scheduled to be completed in upcoming weeks.

Upton Men’s Club member Eric Robinson took a lead role in the organization and completion of the project. In discussing the project he stated,  “This is exactly the type of project the Upton Men’s Club enjoys rallying around.  To complete the project there were several community members coming together and helping were needed.  The UMC enjoyed this project as we saw it as an extension of the town signs project which we completed about 12 years ago.”

The walls, which are located at the entrance to each of the buildings, were constructed through the efforts of members of the Upton Men’s Club. Relying on the expertise and labor of Men’s Club members, the walls were built over several weeks in the summer.

Nipmuc Principal John Clements stated, “In my sixteen years at Nipmuc, I have been continually impressed and appreciative of the many ways that the Upton Men’s Club supports our school. The newly installed wall is a great example of the generosity of the organization and the support shown to Nipmuc by the Town of Upton.”

Likewise, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Maruszczak stated, “The Upton Men’s Club has been a remarkable partner to the regional school district. As always, we are very grateful for their contributions such as this wonderful beautification project.”

Upton Men’s Club members Eric Robinson, Dave O’Brien, Mike Campbell, John Mazzone, Paul Capalucci, and John Hawkins working on the stone walls at Nipmuc and Memorial this summer.

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