Hydrant Flushing

hydrantflushingThe Upton Department of Public Works Water & Wastewater Division will be flushing water mains throughout the Town beginning Tuesday, October 14th through Friday, November 14th. This flushing is required by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and is intended to remove sediment buildup in the mains and to ensure the safe operation of hydrants and valves throughout the distribution system. The flushing may result in temporary discoloration of the water, primarily caused by dissolved iron and extremely small iron particles dislodged from iron pipes during the flushing process.

Discoloration of the water will be temporary and is not harmful. However, discolored water might stain laundry (especially white or light colored materials). Prior to washing clothes, please check the cold water for possible discoloration. If the water is discolored, let it run for several minutes until the water runs clear. If it does not show any sign of clearing, please wait for a few hours and try again. Once the cold water runs clear, check the hot water for signs of discoloration. Running the cold water first avoids introducing discoloration into hot water heaters. If iron discoloration does get into a hot water heater, it may be necessary to fully drain and flush the hot water heater. Unfortunately, the Town cannot guarantee that discoloration of clothing will not occur since the water system has been necessarily disturbed. Therefore, please check your water carefully prior to doing laundry and inspect the laundry before it is dried. If laundry is discolored after washing, please rewash using “Iron Out” or a similar commercially available product prior to drying. Affected customers may also contact the Upton DPW Water & Wastewater Division at (508) 529-3993 to obtain Iron Out.

Hydrant flushing is normally performed Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM; however, the effects of the flushing may be seen at other times as discolored water slowly moves through the system.

Again, despite occasional discoloration, the water meets all EPA regulations and is safe to drink; however, residents with elderly or very young members in their households may feel more comfortable using bottled drinking water if they are sensitive to the temporary discoloration or elevated iron levels that may occur over the next few weeks.

The Upton DPW Water & Wastewater Division greatly appreciates your patience as we work to improve the quality of the drinking water and reliability of the Town’s fire protection system. If you would like additional information, please contact us at (508) 529-3993.

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