Why did the turtle cross the road?

turtle (2)

…. to get to shell-ter  – ba ha ha…that one is for my dad!

Over the past several days I have come across large snapping turtles crossing the streets of Upton. Last Thursday I actually had to pull over and pop into Fin and Feather to ask the guys to assist a rather large snapping turtle who was in the middle of  Route 140. Friday a car was stopped for another large snapping turtle on South Street. Today I saw another one in the street.

Seeing these snappers made me wonder whatever happened to Myrtle and Norman the box turtles who went missing this spring. I wonder where they are?

Photo is of the snapper found on Route 140. Thanks Jeff for assisting him across the road.





  1. Myrtle is still missing. She’s a very resilient reptile that is adept at hibernating. We’re hoping she makes it through the winter, and we’ll continue our search in the spring. If you live near the intersection of Mendon and Pleasant, keep your eyes open for our little friend. We miss her.

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