District Attorney Joe Early endorsed Marty Green in the 9th Worcester district

Early 1

Today I am endorsing Marty Green for state representative in the 9th Worcester district. Marty will bring a commitment to public safety that is needed in the community during these difficult times. Marty is a former child sexual assault investigator and victim witness advocate at the Bristol county district attorney’s office. He has seen first hand how important it is to be committed to providing local police departments the training and resources required to keep our families safe.

We all have seen the devastating impact that the increase in drug addiction is having on our families and communities. When elected, Marty will make it a priority to increase funding for training of local police departments. In addition, Marty will work hard to increase funding for drug and mental health awareness and treatment for all families, especially for our returning veterans.

As a former selectman and parent of two young adults, Marty is keenly aware of the need for local, state and federal officials to work together in tackling these difficult community challenges.

Marty also understands the importance of prevention. He recognizes that to truly live in a safer community we need to prevent crime. That we can’t arrest or prosecute are way out of this problem. That we need to focus on young offenders, and hold them accountable for their actions while working to change and modify their bad behaviors. In this way we are truly going to make a difference. This is how we will see the numbers go down in our jails.

Please join me in supporting Marty Green in the 9th Worcester district.  Mr. Green added:  “ I am committed to working with local police departments and the District Attorney’s office in increasing public safety resources to make our communities safer.”

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  1. Mind Jedi says:

    Im not sure where Green is going to find the time to do all the thisngs he claims after all he said he was not giving up his business which means he thinks that is more important than representing the residents of Grafton, Northbridge and Upton on a full time basis.

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