Muradian said he accepted donation from owner of Grafton Railroad


Marty Green talking to a guest after Monday’s debate. Behind him, in the suit, is David Muradian photo by Rich Price

Rich Price of the Grafton Villager attended today’s debate held at Grafton High School between Marty Green (D) and David Muradian (R) who are running for the State Representative seat in the 9th Worcester District.

The topic turned to small businesses, fairness, and the ability to have an independent voice in order to protect the safety of the community.

According the  Grafton Villager Green said about Muradian, “He’s taken a $500 donation from the owner of the Grafton & Upton Railroad. How can he take an independent voice of leadership to protect the health and safety of this community?”

I’m sending you over to Rich Price for the full story.

Unfortunately the video for the Upton and Grafton debates are not available yet.

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  1. wondering says:

    Who cares? Businesses and individuals make donations all the time, typically to many candidates, even to both sides int eh same race. Marty is whining once again.

  2. There are several questions that need to be answered after reading this article and it seems all too convenient that Mr. Green has waited until the final debate to address an issue he so vehemently objects to.
    The first question is what benefits could any state representative provide for Mr. Priscoli that he would want to have one on his side? Also, anyone who has ever seriously monitored campaign contributions would know that someone looking for help with an issue would donate money to both sides to guarantee such favor, not just to one. It seems, from an outsiders point of view, that Mr. Green may be upset that his campaign was not donated to by Mr. Prescoli.
    Another question that begs to be answered is, why was Senator Moore, an elected member of the same party as Mr. Green, not as agitated about the donation as Mr. Green? Would Mr. Green be as furious with Senator Moore if he found out that he also received a donation from Mr. Priscoli? (Hypothetically of course)
    Finally, what solid information does Mr. Green have regarding the railroad and the state representative’s ability to do anything about it? It is nice to have a talking point but at the same time what research and plan has Mr. Green arrived to that his opponent, Mr. Muradian would do differently? Mr. Green is constantly saying that Mr. Muradian would be a freshman representative with no real knowledge of the system, but in this instance it seems to be Mr. Green that is acting like a freshman representative in that lacks the knowledge or experience that this is a federal issue and there is nothing that a state representative can do to alter anything that transpires regarding the railroad.
    It saddens me that politics has to rise above the good of the community during election time. It would be refreshing to have a debate where two individuals could voice their researched and experienced positions but Mr. Green has done all that he could to prevent that from happening this year. To all who are considering this topic as a reason to vote for one candidate or another please do a minute’s worth of research and realize that this is not an issue that should have even come up during the debate and focus on the issues that these two candidates could actually do something about when they are elected.

  3. Really? I would be more worried about electing a guy like Green who was asked to step down (resign) for poor job performance as Economic Director of Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce over a 500 dollar donation.

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