Marty Green promises to do the right thing for the district

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letter from Marty Green

I am writing to the residents of Grafton, Northbridge and Upton that make up the 9th Worcester district to thank you all for opening your doors and talking to me at events over the last 9 months. You have received me and my family warmly and respectfully, for which we will forever be grateful.

You have reinforced for me how much I love the Blackstone Valley and so proud that Maura and I raised our family here. We have tried our very best to run a positive campaign, while sharing with voters why I want to serve the district.

My brothers and sisters and I were raised in Northbridge, we attended St. Peter’s School in Rockdale and graduated from Northbridge High School. Our parents modeled for us how important it is to be active in our community and be thankful for all they provided us.

Serving the district will give me an opportunity to continue my life-long commitment to trying to improve the quality of life in the Blackstone Valley.  We are active members and volunteers at St. Patrick’s Church in Whitinsville and Peace of Bread dinner at the Presbyterian Church in Whitinsville.

In addition I am past chairman of the board at the Whitin Community Center, and our local boy scout district. When Northbridge High School’s sports and extra curricula activities were eliminated my wife and I joined 8 other families in co-signing a $80,000 loan so we could continue providing these critical activities for Northbridge students. Subsequently, we joined other dedicated parents in creating the Northbridge Education Foundation.

My experiences in serving on two superintendent search committees, most recently last year, as well as serving on the Northbridge Council on Aging, Recycling Committee and the Board of Selectman have prepared me to work in partnership with local municipal officials to increase local aid for our schools, roads, bridges and other town services.

The last 20 years of my professional life have given me the opportunity to work with small business people to help them start, grow and expand here in the Valley. As economic development director and executive director of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce I worked in partnership with business and municipal leaders to start the Valley Home and Business Expo, Blackstone Valley Education Foundation and the Greenway Challenge.  Since leaving the chamber, I have worked every day with business people to help them bring jobs and business growth to the region.

Some of you have asked about how I can serve as your state representative, while owning a real estate business. As you can see from my 25 years of personal, professional and volunteer experiences I know how to get results. If I win, I will be shifting some of my business responsibilities to colleagues that work with me. Serving as your state representative, will be a commitment that will receive all that my heart and soul can give.

While I know I will never convince everyone that I can and will be an effective leader and representative for the district, I can only promise I will do the right thing for the district. The last nine months have been a gift, that I am thankful for. So I am asking for your vote and appreciate every consideration you give me.

Lastly I want to thank my wife Maura, my children Sadie and Jack, my brothers and sisters, my in-laws and their families, all my new and old friends who have embraced my campaign for their love, support and words of encouragement over the last 9 months. I feel truly blessed to have you in my life.


Marty Green


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  1. Green’s stance on casinos proves he is clueless when it comes to economic development, Green said, ” I have been to the casinos, but this is short-term job creation, not a long-term solution,” “This is not the long-term solution.”

    Really Marty. I worked in the casinos when I lived in Illinois for over 4 years. In fact those same casinos have been in business since 1990ish .As a dealer I made 40K I was 26. Janitors made $17 dollars an hour sweeping the floor this was back in 1994. In fact over the years the casinos paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to the state in revenue. I think our state could use a boost like that to the economy. All green wants to do is raise taxes and fees to generate revenue, but then again that’s what democrats do,

    Say what you will about casinos they generate revenue much needed revenue our state needs, Not to mention other local business thrive because of the increase in visitors to the town where the casino is.

    The moral of the story is casinos create jobs, generate millions of dollars of revenue to the state and help build up the local economy.

    I also have wonder Since Green admitted to playing poker and going to the casinos if he reported his winnings to the state or kept them under the table.

  2. What positive Campaign?!?!

  3. Marty, how can you say if elected you will put all that my heart and soul can give when you refuse to give up your business. The residents of Grafton, Northbridge & Upton deserve to have full time representation. Shifting “some” of your business is just not good enough. The residents which I am one deserve better from an elected official.

    The state rep position is a full time position, not a part time or three quarter time position. As they say you can’t serve two masters and I might add there is also the potential for a huge conflict of interest on your part because you stand to personally profit from continuing to run Marty Green Properties regardless of the amount of time you claim you will spend running it or how much you decide to give up.

    Who are these colleges and how are they related to you? You also never stated how much responsibility you plan on “shifting? We have a right to know

    You stated, “I have worked every day with business people to help them bring jobs and business growth to the region” but thanks to Governor Deval Patrick and the overwhelming Democratic party majority in both houses of the Legislature increased regulations and taxes have crushed small business so much so that they are either going out of business or moving someplace else. Which is good for you because that means you have more commercial property to lease.

    There is a reason that many of the commercial properties in Grafton, Northbridge and Upton have signs that read for lease with your name on them. Im not sure how you define success but I know that having an abundance of vacant commercial properties that do not generate rent is not what I would call successful. In fact in 2013 Massachusetts ranked 47th in worst states to do business in thanks again to the over reaching veto proof democratic super majority.

    Lets talk about economics. Thanks to the current democratic policies and regulations including the $130 billion dollars in debt that the Patrick administration has put us in is the sole responsibility of the party you represent. And I might also add that since 2009 through 2013, state spending increased by $11.7 billion, thats roughly a 23.6 percent increase since 2009. That’s your party!

    Now you continue to speak about your experience as Economic Development Director and Executive Director of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce yet weren’t you asked to resign from your position by the Board of Directors? If I am not mistaken successful economic leaders are not asked to resign and given the current state of the commonwealth I’m not sure you are capable of making the strong financial decisions our state and our district need.

    As you know the Massachusetts legislator is made up of 82% democrats, how is electing you going to bring the much needed change we so desperately need? The reason we are facing the issues we are again is due to the democratic super veto proof majority which you represent. I have a hard time believing that you would do anything different than the 82% of democrats currently do given your personal progressive liberal ideology and political views.

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