Upton Daily Celebrates Two Years in Publication

flowerTwo years ago today I had this crazy idea called Upton Daily.  I wasn’t sure how it would go or how long I would keep it going, especially because really I’m a mom at home who used to be a workers compensation claims examiner. Luckily I had some great guidance and support from friends and family, and wonderful tips and submissions from readers.

My old high school friend  Jenn Paluzzi held my hand during the first year. Jenn continues to give me great advice and I don’t think I would have made the two year mark without knowing I could call or message her at any time. The same goes for Rich Price over at the Grafton Villager. Jenn introduced me to Rich and he has been a great resource and mentor. Rich hooked me up with Jeb Postle who provides detailed weather reports for Upton Daily.

The blog started out as a whim but has grown into something I never expected. In March of 2013 Upton Daily had about 400 views a week and not many dedicated followers. A year later in March of 2014 Upton Daily was getting 1,400 views a day and had 1,547 dedicated followers. Today Upton Daily has about 2,290 views a day and 2,302 dedicated followers.

Thank you for reading Upton Daily. Upton Daily would not be the same without the readers and those who submit stories, press releases, photos, and tips.

For my husband, a special thanks. Thank you for not minding that I invest the time I do in writing Upton Daily for free.  Your love and support has carried me through the happy stories, the sad stories, and the crazy online haters.


  1. I have enjoyed reading your emails daily on what is going on in Upton. I moved to Upton 6 years ago this month, after living in Pennsylvania all my life. I love this small quaint town and how genuine some people are. Congrats for the two years of providing us with interesting news about our town


    Linda J. Russo


  2. Congratulations! and Thank You! Your work and publication has been invaluable to me and to the VFW, Library and town. Thanks again

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