Nipmuc National Honor Society inducts 32 students


Senior and National Honor Society Secretary Elizabeth Nigro lights the candle of service during Nipmuc’s 53rd National Honor Society Induction

The hard work, achievements, and committment of 32 Nipmuc High School students were honored at the 53rd annual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony held on Thursday March 5 at Nipmuc Regional High SChool.

The ceremony recognized the Inductees’ dedication in the four pillars of the National Honor Society (NHS): leadership, character, scholarship, and service.

The evening began with a candle-lit procession of the current NHS members accompanied on the piano by Senior and NHS member Eoin O’Connell with Pomp and Circumstance. O’Connell then opened the ceremony singing the National Anthem.

Senior and NHS President Roma Gujarathi welcomed the inductees and their families and spoke about the NHS requirements and the dedication of those being inducted at the ceremony. “We are proud to celebrate Nipmucs 53 annual induction,” she said.

Superintendent Dr. Joseph Maruszczak offered his sincere congratulations to the 32 student inductees.  Maruszczak said, “The odds are in your favor.” Maruszczak gave the inductees a look into the future using percentages from a 2002 study which followed 12,000 NHS members.  Using the results he told the members that Eighty-nine percent of those in the study graduated college with a median GPA of 3.51. Seventy-four percent were in middle management with a median salary of $95,000 (adjusted for 2014) and seventy-two percent still volunteer twenty hours annually.

Maruszczak said to the parents, “Job well done; their achievements give me a great deal of hope for our future and a great deal of pride for our district.”

Member Cullen Farragher spoke about what it means to him to be in NHS and the importance of volunteering no matter what obstacles you face.  “Do not rest until you become the person of your dreams,” said Farragher.

Members of the NHS not only need to maintain high grades they also commit hours of their time volunteering, serving others. “Service brings light, love, and hope,” said  Senior and National Honor Society Secretary Elizabeth Nigro. “National Honor Society defines service as putting others before our self,” she said.

National Honor Society Inductees:

Seniors; Emily Ambrosino, Madison Armstrong, and Eoin O’Connell. Juniors; Brooke Bukunt, Abigail Colombo, Marla DiPoto, Allison Goddard, Kelly Jionzo, Jake Osgood, Jillian Penfield, Sarah Plutnicki. Sophomores; Dylan Applegate, Michelle Arsenault, Mary Berner, Sarah Bloznalis, Mario Cicconi, Zachary Dawson, Kimberly Frary, Kylie Gallagher, Viola Hibbitt, Alex Jayyosi, Hunter Kadra, Sean Kelleher, Colleenn Lavoie, Meaghan MacKay, Rebeccaa Pfeiffer, Abigail Rapiejko, Rebecca Rausch, Katie Sauer, Dean Sheehan, Vanessa Shepherd, Baily Vogt.


Seniors; Brett Alibozek, Emily Agro, Lindsay Bailey, Kristen Brien, Timothy Brien, Patrick Carey, Chereen Chalak, Regan Conrad, Tyler Costello, Madeline Davidshofer, Kristen Denson, Drew DiPoto, Lindsay Doyle, Cullen Farragher, Jenna Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Gilchrist, Chelsea Gorius, Roma Gujarathi, Jeremy Hall, Catherine Hill, Alyssa Imparato, Elizabeth Manser, Autumn Morrice, Nicole Murphy, Madison Neri, Elizabeth Nigro, Evan Offord, Jay Patel, Madison Polay, Kurt Robakiewicz, Emily Santos, Erika Scott, Julia Sharp, Elias Tamagni, Melissa Wojnowski. Juniors; William Applegate, Elizabeth Hilton, Kiley Larocque, Grace Merten, Victoria Phillips, Karin Plante, Jared Plumb, Stephanie Poly, Angelica Puchovsky, Julia Salvagio, Amanda St. Germain, Victori Phillips, Carly Thibodeau, Joria Todd, Sarah Tong, and Kelsey Woods.

Left: Seniors Emily Ambrosino and Madison Armstrong proudly show their National Honor Society letters and pins – photo by Shelly Armstrong. Right: Seniors Evan Offord and Kristen Brien during the candlelight procession



Inductees before the ceremony

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