Letter: Frank Aniello Candidate for Upton Selectman

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frankHello Everyone,

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Frank Aniello and I am a candidate for Upton Town Selectman.  I was born in Sicily, Italy and grew up in Waltham.  I graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology and became a U.S. Citizen on Jan, 28, 1988.

Along the way I met my wife Dana, owner of Dance Works Academy in Upton and Uxbridge.  We moved to Upton in 1992 and have three children who attended the Nipmuc Schools.  I live on Florence Circle in a great neighborhood.  Walking around my neighborhood reminds me of how fortunate I am to live in Upton, and how much I want to show my appreciation and give back to the town.

As a member of the Upton Men’s Club I have been giving back to the community for over 15 years.  I have been on the Board for ten years, and served as President twice.   I chaired four auctions and participated in many fundraising events for the town.  I designed the Snack Shack at the VFW, the Pavilion at Town Beach, and the “Welcome to Upton” signs, all pro bono for the community.  I have been a member of Upton’s Capital Budget Committee for 4 years and Upton’s Library Building Committee for two terms.  After living in Upton for 23 years, I decided to run for Selectman to give back to the community in an even bigger way, because there is no better way than to serve as Selectman.

As a professional architect, I have been responsible for projects ranging from small home additions to large shopping centers.  I am responsible for the coordination of all engineering aspects of million dollar projects.  As a manager, I am responsible for my staff of architects and engineers staying on budget and on schedule.  My experience in this role is similar to that of a selectman in that I will represent you as the owners and citizens of Upton, by staying on budget, working with all departments, and finding the best solution to any problem that comes our way.

I want to be your Selectman and plan to work towards the future financial wellbeing of the Town.  I want to look at every issue with a new perspective and I will ask for your input and suggestions. 23 years ago, Upton was in bottom 1/3 state tax rate and today we are in the top 1/3 state tax rate.  I want to restrain the growth in taxes and fees.  The town needs to consider expanding the commercial and industrial base, which will take significant planning and involve expansion of the sewer systems, which are currently running at less than full capacity.  I want to find ways to reduce the water/sewer rates by reinstituting the Water Sewer Advisory Board or Water/Sewer Commission.

I will work with the Schools, the Police department and the parents to put an end to our high school drug problems which is of the utmost importance to our community.  My family has been personally affected by this problem and everyone should be aware of this issue.  If we need to spend money to clear the school of drugs and protect our children…..then so be it.

I want to begin a more comprehensive and cost effective plan on what Upton should look like ten years from now.  Year after year we seem to have the same financial problems without forward thinking solutions other than proposing overrides or cutting budgets again.  We need to review the Town’s requirements and minimize the tax impact without reducing staff or services.  It is time to stop adding more taxes and cutting employee salaries to meet the budget.  We should make as much effort in reducing costs as we do in increasing revenues.

Fee based services such as water, sewer, and trash pickup increase every year and we need to work on stabilizing these rates and fees.  I would like to refocus efforts on recreation planning for the town as well as focus on future senior service needs as they are expected to expand greatly with the retirement of baby boomers retiring.

I have completed 10 Boston Marathons, which takes planning, training, determination, dedication and ENERGY.  I promise you that I will give that same ENERGY to the work in this office.

We are not Wellesley or Newton, we are Upton, a small quaint, intimate town where everyone knows each other.  Over the years we have been losing the small town feeling, the very quality that brought many of us to move and live here.  I want to put the Town back in the Town Hall.

Bobby Kennedy said “There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why, I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”  I will do the same.  I will listen to you, the citizens of Upton, and be a new voice, taking a fresh look at everything that crosses this office.  I want to be your Selectman and I am asking for your vote.

Thank you

Frank Aniello

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  1. Jeanne Oliver says:

    Hi Frank
    You’ve got my vote! Looking forward to you becoming the Selectman in Upton and making some long awaited changes and improvements.
    Jeanne Oliver

  2. Resident says:

    Sounds great that you want to increase commercial and industrial tax base . The railroad appears to be one approach to help to accomplish that goal. So are you supportive of the railroad and it’s federal rights or are you against the railroad like the seven people on depot st who have done nothing but complain for 6 years? (Keeping in mind these people live on industrial zoned land and the railroad has been there since the late 1800’s) please post your position thanks!

  3. reality says:

    You can find that answer when you watch the meet the candidate night… he is against it.

  4. David Seligman says:

    Hi Frank.

    Thanks for your willingness to serve.

    Where do you stand on the override?

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