Drunk man chases bear with a dull hatchet

drunkbearNot Upton, but  only in New England.

The North Adams Police Department issued a statement late last night urging residents not to get drunk and chase bears with a dull hatchet.

According to North Adams police a “hatchet man” was found chasing a bear. He was taken into protective custody because he was really drunk.

Police said they understand there is bear in the area and advised all residents to leave it alone. Anyone who spots a bear should call the police.

“We don’t need anyone going all Davy Crocket chasing it through the woods drunk with a dull hatched. It is a just a bad idea not and going to end well,” said North Adams Police.

Police are trying to figure out what the “hatchet man’s” end game was and were looking for any  input on what may have motivated him, “We would certainly like to hear because we have no idea.”

Police did advise anyone found chasing a bear with a hatched will end up in jail.


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