Nipmuc Graduation 2015 – “What lies within us is a gift”

IMG_1201Nipmuc Regional High School’s 55th Annual Commencement Exercises took place Friday evening, May 29, 2015

The class of 2015 President Madison Neri opened the ceremony by welcoming parents, friends, administration, and faculty noting that at one point those in attendance have made an impact on the graduating class. “You have been there to guide us, help us celebrate, brought us all together, and helped us get back on our feet.; through your patience and love we are forever grateful.”  She proudly noted the class of 2015 is an interesting class made up of scholars, athletes, artists, singers, dancers, actors and musicians. “Within the class are college bound athletes, best in show artists, regional and state champions, a member of the Boston Choir, a member of the Boston Ballet, a Junior Olympian, national merit semi finalists, a member of the woman’s national soccer team, world travelers, and individuals full of hope and promise,” she said.

“This is a proud moment for us all. Mixed up with joy, nostalgia and excitement,” said Principal John Clements. “The greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings. It’s the roots that nurture us and allow us to grow,” he said. “The roots are not seen, they are not beautiful, they are not celebrated, but they are responsible for the strength, the life, the support, the vitality,” he said. “Through four years of high school they have relied on those roots…This evening we are about to see 163 individuals who are about to take flight.”

The class motto was “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within in.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“We will always have this night to remember the promise of our future and the strength of our past,” said class treasurer Elena Morganelli in her essay What Lies Within. Elena recalled an old saying she remembered from her childhood, “The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why the call it the future,” she said. “What lies within us is a gift.”

In his essay Sculpting Our Future Sam Manning said each graduate is their own sculpture with each memory creating a chip to define who they are. He joked about being carved by Michael Angelo while others may be made of play dough and said, “That’s okay because that’s what makes you unique.”  He said “Our class will make a difference….One day people will say, ‘Oh, that was the generation that solved global warming… Oh, that was the generation that realized how stupid it was to get angry at people for loving who they love, regardless of their gender’…” He said, “We have a lot riding on us, but with the memories we have gained, and the sculptures we have become, we’re on the path to create world solutions.”

“Tonight, we branch out in different directions, but let us reminisce one last time,” said Roma Gujarathi in her essay Saying Goodbye – Rooted and Ready.

District Superintendent Joseph Maruszczak spoke about how little things can lead to huge changes; how life is often a game of inches. “My advice to you graduates is to continue doing the things that brought you to the stage this evening,” he said. “As Andrew Carnegie once said, ‘Successful people don’t always do great things, but they always do small things the right way.'”

The Nipmuc Regional High School Band performed With Quiet Courageo and the Chorus performed Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Graduating Senior Kyle Gazoorian gave a breathtaking vocal performance of  Time of Our Lives. 

Congratulations to all 163 graduates of the Nipmuc Class of 2015.

List of graduates and their future plan

Scholarships announcements

Schools graduates will be attending

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