Mapping system put in place by an Eagle Scout helpful to Upton Fire/EMS in locating injured woman thrown from horse

photo (9)

Scene at Memorial photo courtesy of Upton Fire

On Sunday June 7 at approximately 12:15 p.m. Upton Fire/EMS and Police assisted in a rescue operation at Upton State Forest. A woman sustained injuries requiring a medical airlift after being thrown from a horse. She was treated by Paramedics and EMT’s and transported by ambulance to Memorial School where she was airlifted by a  medial helicopter.

According to Fire/EMS Chief Ron Goodale the patient is a 58-year-old female who reported she had been thrown from her horse when it became spooked. She was located at the Loops and Bridge Trail in the Forest which is about a mile from Hopkinton Road.

Goodale said, “The trail into that area is uneven and slow to travel with an injured patient. We made the decision to call Lifeflight due to the patient’s actual injuries, the mechanism of injury and the extended time we knew it would take to treat and transport out of that area of the Forest.”

Lifeflight landed at Memorial School and their crew transported to Hopkinton Road to meet the patient coming from the Forest, Goodale said.  “The patient was treated at the scene and transported with the Lifeflight crew to Memorial School where she was loaded on the helicopter and was flown to Umass Lakeside,” he said.

According to Goodale, Upton Fire/EMS personnel do train in the State Forest and are fortunate several of their members are familiar with the trail system. Goodale added, “Connor Shultz’s Eagle project a year ago was mapping and identifying access and trails in the State Forest for the Fire Department.”  Shultz provided the department with new maps, training, and interactive web access to trail mapping for the Forest. “His efforts were helpful to us during the rescue yesterday,” Goodale Said.

The Upton Fire/EMS will respond to incidents in the Forest a few times a year. “Finding the exact location of an injured person or other incident can be challenging and it likely takes many of our staff and members of the Police Department to rescue someone in the Forest, like it did yesterday,” said Goodale.

The Upton Fire/EMS Department received assistance at the scene from the Upton Police Department, Paramedics from Community Ambulance and New England Life Flight.

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